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 April 2024 Australia, Turkey, Iran and Israel
April 2024 Canada, Israel, UK
April 2024 Australia, Iran, Israel, UK, USA Conference Cancelled
March 2024 Afghanistan, UK, Conference in USA
March 2024 Australia, Ukraine, UK, USA
March 2024 Australia, UK, cassette tapes
March 2024 Latvia, UK
February 2024 Afghanistan, Spain, UK
February 2024 Afghanistan, Ukraine, UK, USA
February 2024 Afghanistan, Australia, Iran, Ukraine, UK
February 2024 Ukraine, UK
January 2024 New Zealand, North America, Ukraine, UK
January 2024 Burkina Faso, Ukraine, UK
January 2024 Australia, Brazil, Ukraine, UK, Winter Welfare
January 2024 Afghanistan, Cuba, Latvia, Switzerland, Ukraine
 December 2023 Australia, Iran, Latvia, North America
December 2023 Latvia, Ukraine, UK, USA
December 2023 Australia, USA, UK
December 2023 Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Christmas Party
December 2023 Australia, UK
November 2023 Australia, Italy, UK
November 2023 Italy, UK
November 2023 UK, Christmas Welfare Appeal in UK
November 2023 Australia, Iran, UK
October 2023 Winter Welfare Appeal, UK, USA
October 2023 Australia, Russia, Scotland, UK
October 2023 Cameroon, China, Israel, UK
October 2023 Denmark, India, Israel, UK
October 2023 Afghanistan, UK
September 2023 Afghanistan, Holland, Iran, UK
Septeber 2023 Austria, Iran, Ukraine, UK, USA
September 2023 UK, Garden Party
September 2023 Iran, UK, USA
August 2023 Austria, Indonesia, South Africa
August 2023 Italy, Latvia, Turkey
August 2023 Turkey, UK
August 2023 India, Iran, UK, appeal for practical help
July 2023 Ukraine
July 2023 Austria, Cuba, Iran, Israel, Ukraine, UK
July 2023 Afghanistan, Canada, China, UK
July 2023 Chad, Iran, Ukraine, Israel, UK. USA
July 2023 Israel, Italy, North America, UK
June 2023 Austria, Italy, Turkey, UK
June 2023 Australia, Austria, Cuba, UK
June 2023 Austria, Canada, Israel, Italy, Turkey, UK, Ukraine Special Appeal, USA
June 2023 Afghanistan, Austria, UK, Podcast
May 2023 Australia, Brazil, Israel, Latvia, Spain, UK
May 2023 Burkina Fasso, Germany, Israel, Podcast, Sweden, Turkey, UK
May 2023 Special Appeal for Croydon Church and Feeding Scheme
May 2023 Bible Companion app, Australia, Germany, UK, Ukraine
April 2023 Iran, Russia, Turkey Appeal
April 2023 Australia, Canada, Holland, UK
April 2023 Australia, Colombia
April 2023 Australia Pub Churches and Conference
March 2023 Australia, Turkey, UK, USA
March 2023 Australia, China, Iran, UK, App Statistics
March 2023 Afghanistan, Australia, UK, Ukraine
March 2023 Australia, Romania, Turkey, UK
February 2023 Afghanistan, Australia, Turkey, UK
February 2023 Australia, Latvia, Mexico,Turkey, UK
February 2023 Afghanistan, Australia, Iran, Turkey, UK
February 2023 Germany, Iran, Russia, UK
January 2023 Afghanistan, Germany, Russia, UK
January 2023 Cameroon, Iran, United Kingdom
January 2023 Australia, Cameroon, Kenya, UK
January 2023 Australia, Cameroon, Latvia, Sweden, UK
December 2022 Afghanistan, Ukraine, UK
 December 2022 Afghanistan, UK, Ukraine
December 2022 Australia, Iran, UK, Ukraine
December 2022 Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Sudan, Ukraine, UK
December 2022 Afghanistan, Germany, India, North America, Ukraine, UK
November 2022 Afghanistan, Iran, Cameroon,Germany, UK, Ukraine
November 2022 Afghanistan, India, Turkey, Ukraine, UK
November 2022 Afghanistan, Italy, Mexico, UK
November 2022 Australia, North America, UK
October 2022 Afganistan, Australia, Cameroon, China, North America, Ukraine
October 2022 Afghanistan, France, Turkey, Ukraine, USA
October 2022 Iran, Latvia, Turkey, UK, Ukraine
October 2022 Germany, North America, UK, Ukraine
October 2022 App Update, Kenya, North America, UK, Ukraine
September 2022 Australia, Cameroon, Malawi, Netherlands, Russia, UK
September 2022 Australia, Iran, North America, South Africa, UK, Ukraine
September 2022 Afghanistan, Iran, UK
August 2022 Afghanistan, Cameroon, Iran, Morocco / Romania, UK
August 2022 Iran, Slovenia, UK, special appeal
August 2022 Iran, Cameroon, Latvia, UK, Ukraine
August 2022 Ghana, North America, Ukraine, UK
July 2022 Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, UK
July 2022 Afghanistan, China, Iran, Israel, North America, South Africa, UK, Ukraine
July 2022 Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria, Ukraine, UK
July 2022 Australia, Afghanistan, Canada, Iran, Ukraine, UK
July 2022 Afghanistan, Belgium, Canada, Congo, Ivory Coast, UK
June 2022 Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, UK, Ukraine
June 2022 Afghanistan, United Kingdom, Ukraine
June 2022 United Kingdom, Ukraine
June 2022 Belgium, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine
May 2022 Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Germany, Iran, Ivory Coast, Norway, Turkey, Ukraine
May 2022 Afghanistan, Cameroon, Germany, Iran, Ukraine
May 2022 Bulgaria, Congo, Germany, Iran, Poland, Ukraine, UK
May 2022 Bulgaria, Iran, Ukraine, UK
May 2022 Ukraine, UK
April 2022 Afghanistan, Belarus, China, France, Iran, Ukraine, UK
April 2022 Bulgaria, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine
April 2022 Special Appeal, North America, Ukraine
April 2022 SPECIAL APPEAL, Ukraine
March 2022 Iran, UK, Ukraine Poland
March 2022 Israel, UK, Turkey, Ukraine
March 2022 UK, UKRAINE
February 2022 Cameroon, Georgia, Iran, UK, Ukraine
February 2022 Afghanistan, Israel, Latvia, Tanzania, Ukraine, Zambia
February 2022 Cameroon, Canada, France
February 2022 Afghanistan, Gabon, Pakistan, Turkey, UK
January 2022 Afghanistan, Australia, Iran, Mali, UK
January 2022 Equatorial Guinea, Israel, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Turkey, Uganda, UK
January 2022 Afghanistan, Latvia, Senegal, UK
January 2022 Afghanistan, Congo, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Pakistan, Singapore, UK
January 2022 Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Latvia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ukraine
 December 2021 Iran, Israel, UK, USA
December 2021 Australia, Israel, Kenya, Latvia, UK, USA
December 2021 Afghanistan, Australia, Cameroon, Iran, Israel, Kenya, UK, USA
December 2021 Afghanistan, Australia, Georgia, Germany, Israel
November 2021 Afghanistan, Australia, Congo, Ghana, Israel, Turkey, United Kingdom
November 2021 Afghanistan, Cameroon, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, UK
November 2021 Afghanistan, Australia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Germany, Israel
November 2021 Conference, Afghanistan, Iran, Sierra Leone, UK
October 2021 Afghanistan, Iran, Malawi, Morocco, Poland, UK, Ukraine
October 2021 Afghanistan, Australia, Congo, Italy, Niger, UK, Ukraine
October 2021 India, Iran, Italy Appeal, Russia, Turkey, UK
October 2021 Australia, China, France, Israel, Nigeria, Russia, UK
October 2021 Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, Czech, Iran, Lesvos Island
September 2021 Carelinks Conference, Australia, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Peru, West Africa
September 2021 Armenia, Benin, Cuba, Italy, Latvia
September 2021 Afghanistan, Australia, China, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Iran, St. Lucia, Sierra Leone, Ukraine
September 2021 Afghanistan, Australia, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, North America, Russia, Togo, UK
August 2021 Afghanistan, North America, Peru, UK
August 2021 Afghanistan, Australia, Lithuania, UK
August 2021 Afghanistan, Congo, Iran, UK
August 2021 Dominican Republic, Germany, Iran, Namibia, Russia
August 2021 Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia
July 2021 Colombia, Gabon, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Zambia
July 2021 UK, App Improvement Appeal
July 2021 Cameroon, China, Congo, France, Iran, Latvia, North America, Russia,, UK
June 2021 Canada, France, Germany, Kenya
June 2021 Cameroon, Iran, Italy, Japan, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe
June 2021 France, Iran, North America, Sierra Leone, UK
June 2021 App Appeal, Italy, Ivory Coast, Ghana
May 2021 Australia, Iran, Italy, Latvia, App problems
May 2021 Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Finland, Italy, Nigeria, Online Meetings
May 2021 Joint breaking of bread, Burkina Faso, Canada, Guinea, Iran, Israel, Uganda, UK
May 2021 USA, Latvia, Congo, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia
May 2021 Cameroon, Canada, Italy, Finland, Uganda, USA
April 2021 Afghanistan, Benin, Cameroon, Canada
April 2021 Cuba, Ecuador, Finland, Italy, North America, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine
April 2021 Benin, Bosnia, Congo, France, Iran, Latvia, UK
April 2021 Latvia, Iranians, Ukraine, Togo, UK, Russia, Israel
March 2021 South Africa, Iranians, India, Cuba, UK, Australia
March 2021 Latvia, France, Central African Republic, Congo, Burkina Faso, Iranians, North America, Nicaragua, Ecuador
March 2021 Afghanistan, Latvia, Iranians, Kenya, USA, Cameroon, Chad
March 2021 Togo, Iranians, Australia, Latvia
February 2021 Iranians, Latvia, Uganda, Australia, Benin
February 2021 Latvia, Iranians, App, China, Australia
February 2021 Online meetings, Italy, Latvia, Iranians, Gabon, Burkina Faso
February 2021 Spain, Benin, Iran, Latvia, Dominica, Russia, Online meetings, Italy
January 2021 Latvia, Iran, UK, North America, App releases, Italy
January 2021 Latvia, Iranians, Benin
January 2021 Latvia, Iranians, Africa
January 2021 Iran, Latvia, French
January 2021 Latvia, Greece, Sweden, Iran, Russia, App
 December 2020 Latvia, Iranians, Afghanistan, Australia
December 2020 Gabon, Latvia, Togo, Canada, Iran, Turkey, Spanish speaking group
December 2020 Latvia, Iranians, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, USA
December 2020 Latvia, Iran, Bosnia, Hungary, Africa
November 2020 Latvia, Iran, North America, Guadeloupe, South Africa, Russia
November 2020 Latvia, Ghana, App appeal, South Africa
November 2020 Chile, Peru, Latvia, Iran
November 2020 App Appeal, Latvia
November 2020 Latvia, Iran
October 2020 Carelinks Winter Welfare Appeal 2020-2021
October 2020 Latvia, Canada, Georgia, Iran, Zoom meetings
October 2020 Latvia, Colombia, Spain, UK, China, Remote Islands
October 2020 Latvia, Uzbekistan, USA, Australia, Zoom Meetings
September 2020 Latvia Appeal, UK
September 2020 Latvia, Belgium, Georgia, UK, USA, Iran
September 2020 Iran, Latvia, UK, Belgium, Canada, Australia
September 2020 Italy, Hungary, Germany, China
August 2020 France, Italy, Sierra Leone, Conference, China, USA
August 2020 Carelinks Conference on Zoom 22 August
August 2020 Conference, Latvia, Iran, Cuba
August 2020 Iran, USA, Australia, Lebanon, Conference
August 2020 South America, Iran, Italy, Conference, Latvia
July 2020 Conference, Iran, Canada, UK, India
July 2020 Belgium, Canada, UK, Iran, Conference
July 2020 Canada, UK, Iran, Panama, Conference
July 2020 Australia, Sicily, North America, UK
June 2020 Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Ukraine, Iran, USA
June 2020 Latvia, USA, Congo, Iran, Australia
June 2020 UK, Ecuador, Latvia, Argentina, Carelinks Conference, Iran, Canada
June 2020 UK, Cuba, Latvia
May 2020 Latvia, France, Emirates, Canada, Greece, App
May 2020 Latvia, Iran, Burkina Faso, Fellowship App, Canada, China
May 2020 Latvia, Guttering Appeal, UK, Iran, Canada, Call for Ideas
May 2020 Latvia, UK, USA, Iran, France
May 2020 Latvia, Australia, Belarus, Iran, Cuba, Apps
April 2020 Latvia, Israel, Cuba, Spanish App
April 2020 Latvia, UK, Italy, Apps
April 2020 Apps, Latvia, Ukraine, Pandemic
April 2020 UK, Latvia, USA, Australia, Canada, Italy
March 2020 Tenerife, Australia, Nigeria, Latvia, Italy
March 2020 Canada, Latvia, Italy, Russia
March 2020 Latvia, Italy, USA, Corona Virus
March 2020 Tablets, Russia, Latvia, Russian App, Readers
March 2020 UK, App, Latvia
February 2020 Latvia, Australia, UK, Germany
February 2020 Australia, Latvia
February 2020 Latvia, Ukraine, Australia, App
February 2020 UK, Turkey
January 2020 Ukraine, UK, Mayotte-France, Turkey
January 2020 Latvia, Russian Bible App, Israel
January 2020 UK, Latvia, Turkey
January 2020 UK, Israel, New Zealand
 December 2019 UK, Israel, Namibia
December 2019 UK, Riga, App Advertising
December 2019 Turkey, Riga
December 2019 Latvia, Austria
November 2019 Italy, Latvia, Australia, USA
November 2019 Lithuania, Australia, Ireland, App
November 2019 Latvia, Australia
November 2019 Ukraine, Preaching Idea, Australia
November 2019 Latvia, Australia, Canada, UK
Carelinks Winter Welfare / Refugee Appeal 2019-2020
October 2019 Australia, UK, Bible Companion app, USA, Greenland, Marshall Islands
October 2019 Canada, Bible Companion app
September 2019 Canada, Australia, China
September 2019 Canada, Ukraine, Australia, Database help
September 2019 Australia, Spain, Latvia, Canada
September 2019 Italy, Latvia, UK
August 2019 Canada, Australia, UK, Italy
August 2019 Canada, USA, Italy
August 2019 Australia, Italy, Testers
August 2019 Tenerife, Finland, New Zealand
July 2019 UK, Latvia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Finland, Australia, Apps
July 2019 Sri Lanka UK, Creation Calendars, Australia, Mayotte, Turkey
July 2019 UK, Sri Lanka
July 2019 Latvia, Sri Lanka, Australia, UK
June 2019 UK, Guatemala, Australia, USA, Sri Lanka
June 2019 Italy, China
June 2019 Sicily, UK
June 2019 Australia, UK, Latvia, Canada, Camp
May 2019 Latvia, Canada, Australia
May 2019 Photos, Latvia, Australia, USA
May 2019 Photographs needed, Israel, Latvia
April 2019 UK, Belgium, USA, Israel
April 2019 UK, Australia, Latvia, Readers Needed
April 2019 Bible App, Canada, Ireland, Latvia, Australia
April 2019 China, Israel, Australia, Latvia, France
March 2019 UK, Italy, USA
March 2019 Canada, Israel, UK, Italy
March 2019 Israel, Latvia, Australia
March 2019 Italy, Australia, UK, Calendars
March 2019 UK, Latvia, France, App / Readers needed
February 2019 UK, Latvia Boiler, France, App Appeal, Israel, Ukraine
February 2019 Special Appeal, Mayotte, Australia, UK Conference, Latvia
February 2019 UK, Latvia
February 2019 USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Montenegro, NEV Bible commentary
January 2019 Ukraine, Latvia
January 2019 Latvia, Ethiopia, France / Mayotte, UK
January 2019 UK, Mayotte, France

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