October 2023 Afghanistan, UK

This week we joined with brother Mark in Western Australia and brother Spiro in Croydon to witness the online baptisms of BASHIR and HOSAIN in Afghanistan. The situation there for Christians continues really desperate and dangerous and we admire their courage in coming forward for the Lord:
Great baptism of ALEXANDER this week after Lunchtime Church in central Croydon, well done sister Corinne for first bringing him to us. Great to have Charles and Sam with us, and to have 90 year old Marcus helping with the baptism. Despite mobility issues he got down on his knees to ensure the candidate's legs remained under the water, and then struggled up onto his feet for brother Charles's prayer.
See the video of it at https://youtu.be/ebZcQsuA6PQ

Talks at Lunchtime Church this week, still going through Acts 7 and 8:
https://youtu.be/AfFoEtzdQkA Salvation for the hopeless cases [the Ethiopian eunuch]
https://youtu.be/291rCGjT7sA The amazing transformation of Saul / Paul
https://youtu.be/ovJoONzOaYM God dwells in human hearts not temples
Our work in South London is far from solely about preaching, teaching and baptizing. We get requests like this all the time from folks, some with low IQ and other issues, on limited benefits, who for one reason or another just don't have enough food. Simple as that. People are indeed doing it hard here with high rents and runaway inflation. The meals we provide 4 days / week are often noted to be the best meal these folks have every day or week.
As mentioned last week, word of our work is spreading and we were sought out by Premier Christian Radio to be interviewed about Church in a Pub. This happened on their breakfast show on Monday. All went well. You'll need to register with Premier Christian Radio to download it [registration is free]
Elsewhere in the UK, we drove out to baptize NEVAN who came to us through the Bible Companion app, and we hope his wife and children will also be baptized in due course.
 Video at https://youtu.be/jDl9Y71lDuk :

   - For those recently baptized
   - For those undergoing persecution and very difficult lives in Afghanistan
   - For those in South London who are lacking decent food
   - For our wisdom in going forward with the great work the Lord is doing in Croydon
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks