Worldwide Online Breaking of Bread

There are many brothers and sisters throughout the world in isolation and in need of interaction with their Brothers and Sisters. Now with technology and the internet, a means has been devised to bring about meaningful fellowship between believers all over the world. You can download MP3s of previous WWOBB exhortations here.


It’s held on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. GMT October - March, and 10:00 a.m. April-September. The next WWOBB is scheduled for Tuesday, 2024-07-24 10:00 GMT. To find out when that is, please use the form below.

Setup Instructions 

Here's what you do to participate:

Firstly, you will need a little software program called Pal-Talk – this is fast to download and easy to set-up. Click here to begin this when ready -

We suggest that you do this a couple of days before your first Breaking of Bread just to familiarize yourself with what it does. It’s an easy system, very user friendly and we are certain it will enhance the experience you will share with your brothers and Sisters.

(If you do have any problems Pal-Talk can support you – but if they cannot contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help get you there – or

TIP - When you are in a chat session drag the whole box down so the ads at the bottom are just hidden by the stuff along the bottom of your screen, then stretch the top as high as it will go. Get used to setting it up this way and advise others to do the same, when the time comes (elderly eyes will appreciate this as the ads jump around a bit!).

Secondly, you need to email us and tell us your user-name so that we can invite you into the chat area we are all in. We can’t afford our own ‘chat room’ so we create a new one each time… and we need to tell you where we are.

After your first session we will have a record of your name in our ‘Pals’ file and we can simply click on this to show you where we are week by week. If there’s a problem you can email us and we will help you through.

E-mail us to tell us you’ve got a Pal-Talk user-name and that you’d like to participate on Tuesday

On The Day…

Please log on half an hour earlier so we can explain the programme and session and help you set your volume etc. A microphone will enhance the occasion for you but as long as you can hear you will enjoy. You will also be able to type messages.

Please have your Bible, bread and wine nearby with you.


Here is the programme!

1. Announcements!
2. Prayer requests from all present
3. Prayer
4. Bible reading [Read by everyone with a microphone]
5. Comments / questions / discussion on the chapter
6. Exhortational Introductory Reading
7. A brief exhortation for the breaking of bread
8. Reading of 1 Corinthians 11:23-29
9. Prayer for the bread and take the bread
10. Prayer for the wine and take the wine
11. Concluding meditation
12. Closing Prayer
13. Thank You's
14. Discussion & Chat amongst us!

The meeting itself should take about an hour.


Participation is open to all brothers & sisters in agreement with the principles and doctrine behind our beliefs, mission and values. If you participate it is assumed that you have already read and agreed with these beliefs and values.

The intention of this service is simply and sincerely an opportunity for those in isolation or otherwise unable to attend a memorial service and to have fellowship with others around the Lord's table.

This is an international Breaking of bread, many are unable to share the Breaking of Bread any other way and some are under persecution in their own country. Please be sensitive to their security concerns.