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 This material has been produced with the aim of helping those baptized as a result of the Bible Basics course to grow onwards in the word of God, from milk to meat. There is also material here which is intended to help those seeking to use the Bible Basics material in their preaching of the Gospel.  Some of these books are available in languages other than English - please enquire further.


Angels Bible studies about Angels, the court of Heaven, guardian Angels, the limitation of Angels, Angels in the Kingdom, Angels and Israel, the cherubim etc.Living With Alcoholism studies for Christians who are alcoholics and for Christian families living with alcoholics.
Bible Lives character studies of many Bible characters, including that of the Lord Jesus: Abraham, Jacob, David, Samson, Solomon, Elijah, the exiles, Jeroboam, Paul, the disciples, Peter, Joanna, Mary Magdalene, the early church.From Milk to Meat studies in the basic Christian life and discussion of Christian problems. What it means to be in Christ, Christian marriage, the breaking of bread, how to study the Bible, types, six literal days of creation debate, etc.
The Death of the Cross a detailed study of the crucifixion of Christ- chronology of the crucifixion, meaning of the cross, historical and medical aspects of crucifixion etc.The Power of Basics the implications of the basic doctrines of the Gospel: the importance of doctrine, the practical meaning of the humanity of Christ, conditional immortality, hell as the grave, covenant relationship etc.
Debating Bible Basics a handbook for creative preachingPrayer studies in prayer, the problem of unanswered prayer, practical help in prayer, how to pray, what to pray about, the power and possibilities of prayer.
James and other studies exposition of the letter of James verse by verse with digressions about the Septuagint, Holy Spirit, etc.The Real Christ Beginning with basic Bible teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ, Duncan Heaster proceeds to deconstruct the popular Trinitarian view of Jesus. But the author doesn't leave us with nothing in its place. He explores at great depth the character of the Lord Jesus, using close study of the Biblical text to perform a kind of archaeology of ancient personality. And he relentlessly pursues to the end his cardinal point: that knowing the real Christ is the essence of true Christianity, both now and eternally.
Judgment to Come a study of Bible teaching about the judgment seat of Christ, sheep and goats, judgment now etc.The Real Devil The Real Devil analyzes Bible teaching about the devil, satan and demons, concluding that 'satan' ['adversary'] and 'devil' ['false accuser'] do not refer to a personal satan, dragon, or spirit being; but rather to any opposing force, and often to the power of sin and evil. Satan doesn't exist as a personal being- but rather the human heart, we ourselves, are the ultimate source of sin.
The Last Days studies in latter day prophecy, eschatology, the repentance of Israel, Hamas / the PLO in prophecy, the second coming of Christ, Arab invasion of Israel etc.A World Waiting to be Won preaching Bible basics to the world- motivation and attitude of the preacher / missionary, the value of persons, the great commission etc.

Speaking About Jesus- illustrated English language course for intermediate learners, based on the Gospel of Mark.

The Real Christ-

The Real Devil-

Verse by Verse Commentaries: New European Christadelphian Commentary 

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