The Last Days

Section 1: Types of the Last Days 
Chapter 1: The Flood as a Type of the Last Days
Chapter 2: The Tower of Babel
Chapter 3: Sodom and the Last Days
3-1 Lot In Sodom
Chapter 4: Jacob and Esau in the Last Days
Chapter 5: Latter Day Passover and Exodus
Chapter 6: Arab Invasions During the Time of the Judges
6-1. Chushan-Rishathaim (Jud. 3:5-10)
6-2. Eglon of Moab (Jud. 3:12-30)
6-3. Jabin and Sisera (Jud. 4 and 5)
6-4. Gideon and Midian (Jud. 6-8)
6-5. Jephthah and Ammon (Jud. 11)
Chapter 7: Arab Invasions During the Time of the Kings
7-2 Jehoshaphat and the Last Days
8-1 The Assyrian and Babylonian Invasions: Introduction
8-2 Assyria and Gog
8-3 Tiglath-pileser and the Last Days
8-4 The Assyrian Invasion as a Type
8-5 Hezekiah's Reformation
8-6 Rabshakeh and the Last Days
8-7 Assyria and Daniel 11
8-8 Hezekiah's Prayer
8-9 A Rebuilt Temple in the Last Days?
8-10 The Latter Day Remnant
8-11 Leviathan and Assyria
Digression 1: The Identity of Rosh
Chapter 9: The Babylonian Invasions
9-2 The Judgment of Babylon
Digression 2: The Revival of Babylon
2-2 Babylon as Capital of the Beast
2-3 Babylon and Antichrist
2-4 Latter Day Babylon
2-5 A Possible Latter Day Sequence of Events?
Chapter 10: The first coming of Jesus
Digression 3: The Earth - Land - Eretz

Section 2: The Holocaust to Come 
Chapter 11: The Tribulation in the Olivet Prophecy
11-2 Does The Olivet Prophecy Have a Break in Fulfillment?
11-3 An Exposition of the Olivet Prophecy
11-4 The Olivet Prophecy and 1 Thessalonians
Digression 4: The Relevance of Revelation to AD70
Chapter 12: The Tribulation in Daniel and Revelation
12-2 The Beast and the Little Horn
12-3 The Beast and the Man of Sin
12-4 Latter Day Persecution
12-5 The Seals
12-6 The Two Witnesses
12-7 The Dragon and the Child
Digression 5: Do We Know the Day and Hour?
Digression 6: A Possible Chronology of the Tribulation
Digression 7: Hamas and the Palestinian Movement in Bible Prophecy

Section 3: The Repentance of Israel 
Chapter 13: The Marriage Supper Parable
Chapter 14: The Fig Tree Parable
Chapter 15: The Repentance of Israel
Chapter 16-1 The Coming of Elijah
16-2 Malachi's 'Elijah' Prophecy

Section 4: The Coming of the Lord and Judgment 
Chapter 17: The Coming of the Lord
17-2 Christ's Coming as a Thief
Chapter 18: The Judgment Seat of Christ
Chapter 19: Wise and foolish virgins

Section 5: The Ecclesia in the Last Days 
Chapter 20: "The Promise of his Coming" - A Study of 2 Peter 3
20-2 The Judgment of AD70
20-3 Is there a Delay in Christ's Return?
Chapter 21: Wheat and Tares
Chapter 22: Latter Day Apostacy?
Chapter 23: The Man of Sin
23-1 The Antichrist in Daniel
Chapter 24: Letters for the Last Days
Chapter 25 Christ's Letters to the Churches
Digression 8: Knowledge Shall be Increased

Section 6: The Kingdom 
Chapter 26: Types of the Kingdom of God
Chapter 27 The Essence of the Kingdom of God
Chapter 28 What will the Millennium be Like?
Chapter 29: The Nations in the Millennium
Chapter 30: The Natural Creation in the Kingdom of God
Chapter 31: The Location of Eden
Digression 9: The Seven Last Visions of Revelation

Appendix 1: "Are there Few that be Saved?"
Appendix 2: Identifying the Beast
Appendix 3: The Antichrist Principle
Appendix 4: Loving Christ's Appearing
Appendix 5: Protestant Phobia About Russia
Appendix: Some Criticisms of Futurism Considered