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Your prayers and offers of practical assistance are always welcome - we have a huge and ongoing work.

Do contact us to get involved, or try to attend one of our Upcoming Events.

Carelinks Australia: Steve & Robin Jones
Carelinks Canada: Steve & Connie Keating
Carelinks New Zealand: Glynn & Helen Pyper
Carelinks South Africa: Leon Shuker
Carelinks UK: Robin & Jean Field
Carelinks USA: Clive Solomon      
Preaching / Literature Development: Duncan Heaster
Accounts: John Thatcher
Medical Welfare: Cindy Heaster / Connie Keating

Aletheia Bible College: Ted & Bev Russell
Bible Basics mailing: Marcus Heaster

Internet Development: Michael Mc Donagh / Phil YoungLindsey Mason
UNHCR / Refugee Issues: Esther Worrell / Duncan Heaster / Sonia Hemingray

Operation Lost Sheep:  Helen Pyper

Of course, there are many more people to list here! These are just points of contact