From Milk to Meat

1. What it Means to be in Christ 
1.1 "If any Man be in Christ..."
1-1-2 Witnessing for Christ
1-1-3 The New Creation
1-2 Flesh and Spirit
1-2-1 The Hidden Man
1-2-2 The Spiritual Man
1-2-3 The Certainty of Salvation
1.3 The New Covenant
1-4 Newness of Life
1-4-1 Christianity and the Greek Language
1-5 Worlds in Collision
1-5-2 Will "All Men" be Saved?
1-5-3 “Condemned with the World...”
1-5-4 "The Kingdoms of this World"
1-6-1 The Meaning of Holiness
1-6-2 God's World
1-6-3 "Condemned with the World..."
1-6-4 Worlds in Collision
Chapter 1: Questions for Reflection and Discussion

2.The Principles of Devotion 
2-1 Taking up the Cross...
2-2 "The Love of Christ Constrains us"
2.3 "Redeeming the time"
2-4 Serving God for Nothing
2-4-2 Examples of Selflessness
2-4-3 The Prosperity Gospel?
2-5 Loving the Appearing of Christ
2-6 Spiritual Ambition
2-7-1 Concessions to Human Weakness
2-7-2 Living on Different Levels
2-7-3 The Biblical Ideal of Marriage
2-7-4 The Jephthah's Vow Principle
2-8 The Logic of Devotion
2-8-2 The Logic of Devotion
2-8-3 Unfulfilled Believer Syndrome
2-8-4 Self Examination
2-9 The Logic of Endurance
2-10 The Upward Spiral
2-10-2 Spiritual Potential
2-11 "The loss of all things..."
2-11-2 The Danger of Materialism
2-11-3 The Snare of Riches
2-11-4 Forsaking All We Have
2-12 Our Desperation
2-12-2 Sin is Serious
2-12-3 Sins of Ignorance
2-12-4 Sins of Omission
2-12-5 Our Desperation
2-13 Zeal: A Caveat
2-13-2 Love Unfeigned
2-13-3 Acceptable Sacrifice
2-13-4 True Repentance
2-13-5 Real Prayer
2-13-6 Unfeigned Faith
2-13-7 Humility and Bible Reading
2-13-8 Genuine Motives
2-14 “When Israel was a Child...”
2-15-1 A Way of Life
2-15-2 The Positivism of Jesus
2-15-3 God and Israel
2-15-4 The Hopefulness of God
2-15-5 A Positive Spirit
2-16 “By your words": Controlling our Words
2-16-2 Judged by our Words
2-16-3 Bridling the Tongue
Chapter 2: Questions for Reflection and Discussion

3. Ecclesial Life 
3-1-1 A Kingdom of Priests
3-1-2 Malachi's Message
3-1-3 Trumpet Sounding Priests
3-2-1 We're all Priests
3-2-2 The Meaning of Priesthood
3-2-3 Priesthood Today
3-3 Repentance and Forgiveness
3-3-2 Degrees of Sin?
3-3-3 Forsaking and Confessing Sin
3-3-4 Forgiveness Without Repentance?
3-3-5 God Makes Concessions
3-3-6 Seeking God
3-3-7 Works Meet for Repentance: Objections Considered
3-4 One in Christ Jesus
3-5 The Importance of the Breaking of Bread
3-6 Judge Not- ?
3-7 Youth For Truth: Biblical Examples for Young People
3-8-1 What is Conversion?
3-8-2 Converting the Converted
3-9 Sin is Serious
3-10 Private People: The Problem of Introverted Christians
3-11 "Yea, all of you": Unity in Christ
Chapter 3: Questions for Reflection and Discussion

4. Bible Study 
4-1 Bread from Heaven
4-1-2 Gathering the Manna
4-2 A House on a Rock
4-3 Blind Men
4-3-2 Spiritual Paradigm Shifts
4-3-3 Out of Darkness
4-3-4 The Blind Servant
4-3-5 The Healed Blind Man
4-4 Are Christians Too Academic?
4-5 God’s Use of Language
4-6 Why is the Bible Confusing to so Many?
4-7 How to Study the Bible
4-7a How to Interpret the Bible
4.7.1 Bible Study by Questions
4-7-1-2 Examples of Bible Study by Questions
4-8 The 'Boring Bits'
4-8-2 Lessons from the Chronicles Genealogies
4-9 Bible Students
4-9-2 Daniel as a Bible Student
4-10-1 Types: Joseph and Jesus
4-10-2 Things you can only Ponder: Did Israel Eat the Passover?
4-10-3 Things You can only Speculate: What Happened in Eden?
4-11 Bible Questions With No Answers
Chapter 4: Questions for Reflection and Discussion

5. The Lord We've Scarcely Met 
5-1 The Personal Lord
5-1-2 Individual Relationships in the Kingdom of God
5-1-3 Mutuality Between God and Man
5-1-4 The Parable of the Talents: Aspects of Spirituality
5-2 The Jesus Who Understands Human Weakness
5-3 The Sensitivity of Jesus
5-4 The Grace of Jesus
5-5 The Demanding Lord
5-6 Lord of the Cross
5-7 The Spirit of Jesus
5-8 Parables of Judgment
5-9 Parables of the Kingdom
5-10 The Love of Christ
5-11 Paul and Christ
Chapter 5: Questions for Reflection and Discussion

6. The God We Hardly Know 
6 The God We Hardly Know
6-2 The Limitation of God
6-3 The Inconsistency of God: Bible Paradoxes
6-3-1 Appendix: The Love of God in Hosea
6-4 Fearing God
6-5 The Humility of God
6-6 The Unity of God
6-7 God: The Final Reality
Chapter 6: Questions for Reflection and Discussion

7. Some Christian Problems 
7-1 " I won't be in the Kingdom" : Doubt About Salvation
7-1-2 Self-Righteous Christians: The Evidence of the Parables
7-1-3 The True Christians Aren't Good People
7-2 "It's OK in my Conscience"
7-3 "I'm a Hypocrite": Christian Hypocrisy
7-3-2 Sarah and Abraham
7-4 "I don't like Christians": Christian Disillusion with Christianity
7-4-1 Gossip in the Church
7-4-2 Paul: Victim of Slander in the Church
7-5 "Shouldn't we do more for the world?": Is a Social Gospel Biblical?
7-6 "Who should I fellowship?" : Christadelphian Divisions
7-6-1 "Who is my Brother?"
7-6-1a Guilt by Association
7.6.2 Self Baptism
7-6-3 The Atonement and Fellowship
7-7 Are we the Only Ones who have Truth?
7-8 The Genesis Record
7-8-2 Previous Creations
7.9 Marriage out of the Faith
7-10 The Single Life
7-10-2 The Singleness Phenomenon
7-10-3 Some Christian Myths About Marriage
7-10-4 Spiritual Dangers of the Single Life
7-10-5 1 Corinthians 7: An Exposition
7-10-6 Eunuchs for the Kingdom
7-10-7 Hezekiah: Case Study
7-10-8 The Single Life: Conclusions
7.11 The Downward Spiral
7-12 Conscientious Objection to Military Service
7-12-2 Conscientious Objection to Military Service
7-12-2-1 Christadelphian Conscientious Objection
7-12-3 "A good conscience" : A Biblical Analysis
7-12-3-2 The Grace of God: Too Good News
7-12-3-3 A Good Conscience " serve"
7-12-4 Corruption and Bribery in the Mission Field
7-13 The Same Old Scene vs. Newness of Life
7-13-2 Passionate Christian Living
Chapter 7: Questions for Reflection and Discussion

Endpiece: Enduring to the End 
a) Enduring to the End
b) The Meaning of "Hupomone".
Spiritual Growth: A Personal Perspective