7-12-2-1 Christadelphian Conscientious Objection

Extracts from " Conscientious Objection"

The above book, published by the U.S. Govt. Printing Office in 1950, is the official U.S. Government analysis of the various groups in North America who sought exemption from military service in World War 2. 

" ...  [Christadelphian] members always applied to the Government to be relieved from military duty in consequence of religious and conscientious scruples. In order that they might be identified, they adopted the name " Christadelphian" . They have consistently maintained that their faith prohibited participation in the armed forces...the Christadelphian church as a whole was perhaps the most strict of the non-resistance groups...the Christadelphians did not work against the war; each one simply took his individual stand...a very definite stand was taken by this church...a table has been prepared which lists the denominations in the order of the ratios of conscientious objectors in camps to the total membership. This reveals, in general, the degree to which the registrants [members] of these churches objected to service in the armed forces...ratios per 1000 of church membership: Christadelphian, 49, Jehovah's Witnesses 7, Church of God 1...it would appear from table No. 25 that the members of the Christadelphian church followed more closely than any other denomination the doctrine of their denomination as it related to conscientious objection...ratios of camps assignees [i.e. conscientious objectors] to church membership show the Christadelphians highest" .    [Emphasis mine throughout].


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