Chapter 2: Questions for Reflection and Discussion

1.  What is one area in which you know you must 'take up the cross' but you haven't yet done so?

2. Can you give another example which could have been included in the section 'Christian crosses?' in Study 2.1?

3. What things are on your list of spiritual ambitions?

4. If a married brother was given $2000 unexpectedly, what should he do with it and why?

a) Give it to poor brothers and sisters

b) Place an advertisement for the correspondence course

c) Spend it on improving his home for his children

d) Put it in the bank and spend the interest on the Truth

e) Keep it until there is a crisis and money is needed

f) Spend it on a family holiday

g) None of these things but... (your suggestion)

Note: This question is really just to get you thinking!

5. Can we be too enthusiastic about working for God?

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