March 2024 Latvia, UK

As you can see from this article, Latvia is now expelling all Russian citizens from Latvia even if they were born there. To get Latvian citizenship they have to pass a Latvian language exam. As the new law applies to folks up to 75, that means it's required that many of our dear folks learn Latvian and pass an exam... when many are living in night shelters, with ill health and fading memory for learning a new language. This is disastrous and yet another example of primitive racism and Russophobia. Do pray for our dear folks. In other news from Latvia, we're so relieved that our dear brother Vladimir has been located, we've spoken on the phone to him, he's safely back in Latvia, and as he's over 75 is free from the effects of the new law.

This has been an unusually fruitful week for the spread of the Gospel in the UK, not only in London but further afield.
Every baptism is special but that of ROBBIE in a mould covered flat in Londonderry, Northern Ireland was especially moving. Robbie was in a gas explosion that left him with major burns especially to his face. Since then, he retreated inside himself and into depression. But then he decided to give the Bible a chance, after hearing the passing comment that George Best [Northern Ireland's most famous footballer] died a tragic death without God. And his Bible reading led him to Jesus. He's a classic case of "faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God". But he found going to church hard because of being so self-conscious about his appearance and didn't find churches very interested in someone who wasn't going to attend them very much. And then the Lord led him to us through "Church in a Pub" YouTube videos of our meetings. Our many phone chats and messages resulted in making a quick trip to baptize him. He has been radically changed by the Gospel. He's quit some bad habits and is getting more confident generally. The water was poured in his bathtub ready for our arrival. It's a rough neighbourhood and the flat above has flooded his, so most of his ceiling lights don't work and there is mould and water stains on the walls from the flat above. He has lacked confidence to even try to get the landlord to fix it, but he is growing in confidence by the day. Robbie was super serious about his baptism, he got a T shirt he'd seen that says Jesus our only Hope, and wanted it videoed and the pictures to be shared to show to the world that he did it and to encourage others to not think they're not good enough. Unfortunately, as it was pretty much pitch dark it didn't come out well, but with his full permission here are some stills:
So very pleased to tell you of the baptism of our sick and elderly friend REG in East London, a contact of our sister Irene. Despite massive health issues, it was his determined desire to be immersed into the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. There were so many practical obstacles to his baptism- his legs are tightly bandaged, blood clotting issues, just about everything. Reg gave us agreement that he did the baptism at his own risk. He happily agreed- nothing to lose, especially at his age and in his parlous health situation. But what commitment to the Lord's death and resurrection! We wrapped his bandaged legs in multiple sacks with strong tape to keep them waterproof, laid and strapped him on a stretcher, and lowered him into the baptism pool at the East Ham ecclesia. We're very grateful to them for letting us use their hall. It was really like a death and resurrection, removing all the tape from his legs was like removing graveclothes. Afterwards we undid the sacks and tape, dried him off and literally carried him to the back room to change his pads. Truly we were all family in such a situation. This was an absolute triumph for the things of the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom. You can view 
the entire service at
 Do have a share in that amazing day, watch the video and praise the Father and Son to their glory as you do.
Last Sunday we had the baptism of SHANISE, a truly committed, Bible reading Christian who couldn't find a church interested in baptizing her. So, we did, with her sweet children watching.
Video at You can see her holding the massive tin of cakes brother Spiro brought to pub church.
And what a great time we all had in the Lord on Tuesday after lunchtime church! A good crowd came back for the baptisms of DAMON and PHIL, both of whom have been attending our meetings at The Venue and the Pub. What sincere, genuine men! God bless them both. Marcus was in the action again, not letting being 91 get in the way of serving the Lord.
Video at
Although our work in Croydon is about giving food, clothing, tents etc., this is only to underpin our essential work which is to teach the Bible's message to folks. Some find the food attractive, but many come for the message not the food. One example is sister Anne, who has learning difficulties but tries to copy out each chapter as we go through it. We're going through Mark's Gospel chapter by chapter at the moment, and Anne loves it. Here are some messages from her:
Seeing social media is what most people are on these days, we've started on TikTok as well [in fact, the project of our young brothers David and Daniel], we are simply pubchurch on TikTok and our few brief videos have already gotten many views.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For brave brother Reg in his multiple health issues
   - For our Russian brothers and sisters in Latvia
   - For more helpers in London UK- the harvest is so great but the labourers few
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks