June 2021 Canada, France, Germany, Kenya

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Another happy time with our French speaking team, online baptizing ALAIN in Quebec. Again, response from advertising the French Bible app.

Paul truly wrote to the Corinthians that there are not many mighty, not many wise in this world who accept the Gospel. "Not many". But there are a few. For really quite a few years we've enjoyed correspondence with ROMAIN, an academic from a philosophy background. Over years of analyzing and thinking through the various doctrines of the Gospel, reading the actual text of the Bible as well as our material, Romain came to understand so thoroughly all of those doctrines. And many thanks to brother Roy Boyd who throughout patiently clarified matters of New Testament Greek in Romain's long search. But Romain is smarter than being just smart intellectually. He's smart enough to get it, that knowledge alone won't save anyone, intellectual purity alone will not as it were buy us salvation. He sees the need for the way of the Spirit. And so it was a climax to many years of research for him to cycle one hour in the 30 C heat of the Dordogne to the hotel where Duncan was staying, and to be baptized in the hotel pool. And cycled back off into a new life. This was a real triumph for God's Truth in this world.
Also for many years, SERGEJ has been searching for the Truth, and for a few years has been reading the NEV Bible and now using the app. Originally from Russia but most of his life in Germany, our brother has clung to his faith through many personal tragedies. He first saw through the Trinity, and then through the popular misconceptions about Satan and demons- a particular interest of his due to much experience of tragedy and "evil". He was thoroughly convinced of the Truth but didn't like the idea of self baptism. So we were able to visit this week, and drove out from his home to his favourite lake deep in the Black Forest where, in pouring rain, he was joyfully baptized:

The true Gospel is indeed attractive to every man, from whatever background. And so it was that whilst driving around Europe, DAVID in Kenya soberly decided to give his life to the same Lord and Saviour as our other new brethren, and was baptized online. Brother Rob from Latvia was present, enthusing us all with how although he's not now in Riga, he has started a home group and has folks coming along to read the Bible with him where he is.

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With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks