September 2022 Australia, Cameroon, Malawi, Netherlands, Russia, UK

On the last Carelink, the bank a/c details for the new Carelinks Australia were wrong on one wrong digit.
" 066131 10693858 "
8 not 9 at the end. So sorry about this. The correct details are shown in the footer to the Carelinks emails.

Delighted this week to baptize ARTHUR, a user of the French Bible Companion app:

This week we had the online baptism of a long term app user, PAKISO. Always great to see the true Gospel embraced with so much joy.

Pleased to tell you that DAN left Pentecostalism and was baptized by a friend, having firmly grasped the true Gospel of the Kingdom of God- and is spreading the truth strongly online all over.

We've finally produced a non dogmatic video suggesting where we might locate the Russia-Ukraine situation in the framework of Bible prophecy; it's at
Please do remember our brethren in Russia. Life's really hard for them, although the media tends to focus on Ukraine more as it's hard to get much reliable news out of Russia. So many of our brothers there have previously done military service before they were baptized, often many years ago, and now any Russian under 60 who has done military service is liable for call up and being sent to fight in Ukraine. This affects very many of our brethren. It's a time of stress and worry. We continue breaking bread online with our Russian brethren. Several have already fled Russia and are in various European countries- where they are facing strong racist russopohobia and suspicion, with one arrested and badly treated whilst under arrest, before being released. We continue providing support to various ones in Ukraine and elsewhere and continue planning our next trip there, in God's strength.

Pleased to tell you of the baptism of SINDARELA- yes, that's an Albanian female name. At one of our previous distributions of New Testaments in Croydon North End we as usual placed our boxes of New Testaments on the metal benches and made that our "base". We gave them all out and returned to our empty boxes to dispose of them. A young woman was sitting on the benches who'd been watching us, and we gave her our very last one. We chatted. She was from Albania, living in hotel accommodation with the usual 'chicken and rice' given three times a day by subcontractors, and had come in to Croydon from another part of London to go to the Home Office. And was just looking around Croydon. She was a Christian and earnestly wanted to get closer to God and Jesus. We told her to read the New Testament and the Bible Basics at the back of the volume and contact us by the number in the NEV New Testament. She did so. And so began wonderful correspondence that showed she really loved and sought the Lord Jesus with all her heart. We gave her a hard copy Albanian complete Bible plus Albanian Bible Basics, grateful that we still have some left in Marcus's sheds. We have an Albanian sister in Croydon, Justina, baptized a few years ago. She has been a wonderful help translating and encouraging her. So with joy Sindarela was finally baptized after Pub church. We're so encouraged that our distribution of New Testaments and street preaching has had some concrete fruit. We're really encouraged to keep going, taking the Gospel to secular folks on the streets. Truly the Lord is at work seeking His people and we must be workers together with Him.
Church in a Pub keeps going great. The Lord has developed a group of local folks from various ages and backgrounds, and they're bonding together really nicely. We've now made an offer on a suitable building and we really ask you pray that we are guided in all this. To His glory, to provide a space that can be open regularly for those who seek the Lord in spirit and truth- of which there clearly are many in south London.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our brethren in Russia and those facing Russophobic racism when they flee Russia
   - For our efforts to get a meeting place in the London area
   - For those housed in hotels and hostels without proper food and no income