April 2024 Australia, Turkey, Iran and Israel

Those of our brethren in Israel we've spoken with are not unduly fazed by the current attack from Iran. We've produced a brief non dogmatic video on the situation to engage with interested, anxious secular people and direct them to the Bible's message,
 it's at https://youtu.be/HuJIsGc9zLI
Please do share it around on social media.

Brother Mark and sister Lisa Hawkins continue their amazing work in WA and baptized LEE this week. And it seems there are many more in the pipeline, quite amazing to see this happening in apparently materialistic and hedonistic Australia.
Video is at https://youtu.be/D0O1PCxcpdY
Brother Peter and sister Hilary are planning another trip around Australia seeking to make contact with interested folks, displaying their amazing panels advertising the Gospel and inviting folks to chat with them. Let's pray for their plans and let us know if any would like a visit from them:

Readers may remember our visits to eastern Turkey after the massive earthquake there, and our appeal for support for brother Mehmet and his family whose home was destroyed. The damage was huge and it's easy to forget the long term damage. Brother Mehmet and his family are now finally settled in a caravan with washing machine and all facilities, but it's been a huge long journey to this, including living in tents. He has sent us some pictures and his appreciation:

   - For those recently baptized
   - For brother Peter and sister Hilary's plans to evangelize Australia
   - For brother Mark and sister Lisa's work in Western Australia
   - For wisdom in our ongoing plans to get to the contacts in Israel who are requesting baptism
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks