August 2021 Afghanistan, North America, Peru, UK

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As reported earlier, we remain in contact with the few Carelinks have baptized online. Carelinks did visit Afghanistan some years ago, making two trips which resulted in three baptisms, but those three baptized were apparently murdered by the Taliban. Those baptized online more recently are all so far alive, although very scared and underground in their faith. They all feel that getting on an evacuation flight is far too dangerous at this point. Those who were willing, we have added to the UK list for evacuation through the good offices of an MP who was willing to do this for us. They download the Bible Companion app, read chapters and then delete it from their devices and reinstall it, due to the Taliban going house to house and examining phones and tablets for Christian content. THEY ARE VERY VERY SCARED. We have assured them of our prayers for their protection and we can also pray that the peace that passes all understanding will be granted them. We also continue advertising the Bible Companion app in Afghanistan, whilst there is still the opportunity to do so. We are now getting up to 200 fresh downloads /day from all over Afghanistan, from people living under the noses of the Taliban. Do pray for these brave people. We have been asked for our opinion on various claims and appeals being made about others not baptized by us, but we are unable to conclusively comment on these cases and claims.

Delighted to report the baptisms of a married couple BRIAN and CHEVONDA, app users. They had stopped attending mainstream churches and sought for true, authentic relationship with God and Jesus- and came to the Truth of the Lord Jesus. You can see the
video at
  and may be able to catch up with them at Jim Anne's online Zoom breakings of bread on Sundays.
And inspired by brother Tim Anderson's adverts for the Bible Companion app on his car, another app user in Virginia has written a simple ad for the app on her back windscreen:

Brother Jorge in Peru, baptized many years ago, reports:
"The Arzobispo Loayza National Hospital, founded in 1549 in Lima, is the oldest and largest public hospital in Peru. Here, we are currently working once a week with two Bible study groups made up of health workers from different services. In order to study the Truth in the most appropriate and effective way, we have been using the spanish version of Brother Duncan's Bible Basics. We already have two candidates for baptism in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we hope, God willing, this number will increase in the near future. We ask for your prayers so that we may soon have a faithful Peruvian Ecclesia".

Very humbling to spend a few days with Ed Steph and see how Ed takes the Gospel to absolutely everybody in the valleys of South Wales in the course of his work, a great example of turning every encounter around to the Truth and praying to be led to people every day- and being answered. As such prayers are. And a great climax was for us to help Ed baptize his mum MICHELLE. Typical South Wales street of terraced houses... but at the back of her place there's a breathtaking view from her deck out over the valley. And it's how it is with life and with people. The apparently mundane opens up to something beautiful. People are interested, and they do respond when you put to them the truth of the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom without any frills and the stuff of mere religion.

You can see in one of the photos her former church, literally a stone's throw away, a lovely old stone building, now pretty much empty.
Video at
When you see mother and son hug after the baptism, you do have to also shed a tear of joy and gratitude to the Lord. What lovely people, and a lovely Saviour.
And response to the Gospel amongst ordinary British folks continued with the baptism online of SHARIE in Horley. What a lovely person. Straight up, sincerely looking for the Gospel. She got a hard copy of the NEV Bible and Introducing Bible Basics and loved it... and baptized herself into Jesus with us watching. She lives very near where the Horley ecclesia used to meet pre-pandemic and now she's involved with them online.
Video at

   - For our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and also for those downloading and studying the app there
   - For those recently baptized
   - For the gift of peace to those who are living in environments where there is no peace
   - For the group in Peru

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks