October 2023 Denmark, India, Israel, UK

For many years MIROSLAW has been searching for Bible truth, passing through the JWs and others, and very attracted to the Polish Brethren- especially as he originates from near their ancient centre in Rakow in his native Poland. He has come to complete agreement with our positions on the nature of God and His Son, the devil [what freedom it is to get it right on that topic!], the Kingdom etc. and he frequently posts about these truths in Polish on Facebook. His baptism was a culmination of so much thought and humble searching of scripture and letting go of wrong ideas. But Mirek has come to the Lord in spirit as well as in truth, he's a truly spiritual and lovely brother to have. His invalid wife bravely attended the baptism in her wheelchair, coming right up a jetty in it to be present at close range and gave him a lovely congratulation afterwards. What lovely people to meet and serve. May God bless them richly going forward and may we share the eternal felicity of God's Kingdom together. As you can see from how she was dressed... Copenhagen in October isn't exactly warm for a sea baptism, even though Mirek is super fit and cycles 20 km / day.

This week SATISH baptized himself after becoming persuaded of the true nature of the Lord Jesus. He writes:
"This morning I baptised myself following the procedure given by you. I read Romans 6 along with the commentary in order to understand the deeper implication of the same. I then offered a prayer which was followed by the self baptism. I completed the procedure by offering a final prayer. I had to opt for self baptism because all the churches here insisted on the acceptance of the trinity whereas I believe in Unitarianism. Anyway, I feel happy and light as if some burden has been lifted from me."

Folks are enquiring about the welfare of our brethren and contacts in Israel. None of those we are in contact with are directly affected so far as we know- most of them are in the Galilee. That's not to say that there aren't brethren in the affected areas but we're not in contact with them at this time. We certainly pray for the situation. We're very leery to try to force present world events into the fulfilment of Bible prophecy, but it has to be said that the present invasion of Israel by her neighbours does tick quite a few boxes. We've produced a non-dogmatic video about the general scenario and Biblical relevance of these conflicts at https://youtu.be/YgjkD_sLbSc
But the main appeal is that we might "be found of Him in peace" whenever He returns.

Sunday meetings at Croydon Church in a Pub are now standing room only, but still folks come and bring their friends! Last Sunday after church a group came back for the baptism of our friend DAVID originally from Brazil. You can see him here with brothers Steve and Ernie and also his Portuguese edition of "Bible Basics". We thank God for His continuing grace in calling people to Himself.
We encourage attenders to download the Bible Companion app and this is a very effective way of keeping folks studying and reading the Bible daily or if they can't get to our meetings.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our brethren and friends in Israel
   - For some solution to our Sunday meeting issue in Croydon with so many now baptized and attending
   - For the soon return of the Lord to unite all those who have truly loved and served Him, from the Polish Brethren of centuries ago to those of today

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks