June 2023 Afghanistan, Austria, UK, Podcast

We still have contact with many here- and still the Gospel is accessible in that dark land, for those able to use VPN and thus dodge the block on our material by the Taliban authorities. Do pray for this young man:

Going on a mission trip camping with a young family sounds great- until one by one you all come down with Noro virus. Despite the vomit and other things, we managed to baptize MOHAMMAD and then ILIYA. Iliya especially made all the efforts so worthwhile. He had been baptized before but having come to us on YouTube and then with the Bible Companion app, he had seen the whole picture of true doctrine and practice, especially with regard to the nature of the Lord Jesus. We spent quality time with him and were able to baptize him in the Neusedler See [Lake], near where he lives in Eisenstadt, Austria. Iliya [Elijah] is determined to start an ecclesia in Austria and we are ready to support him in this. He already has a number of contacts disillusioned with churchianity who also seek for a valid relationship with the Lord Jesus, in spirit and truth. He's sharing the app and other material with them and has asked us to return and baptize some of them, perhaps holding a gathering for them in Vienna. Let us know if you'd like to be involved. You can see our brother's baptism, and his total joy at finding the Truth that sets free,
 at https://youtu.be/kge1291VSYo
 You can also hear his powerful testimony, although in German you can perhaps turn on Google subtitles to get it in English. So please do pray for our brother's efforts as he begins the great race with joy, looking to Him who has run to the end with us and for us.

Meetings go well in Croydon as ever, and this week we were able to baptize our friend ALEX. And again, it was great to hear the mature testimonies at his baptism, from others likewise baptized recently:
We have received more "Free Bibles" caps and also several adhesive stickers advertising the Bible Companion app, made up by brother Jim Barton. The stickers are intended to be used in car windows. Let us know if you're in the UK and would like any.
We have put the "Free Bibles" caps to good use already. Here we are giving out New Testaments outside The World's End pub in Camden Town, central London. Heaving with people. Just praying some seed hits good ground... although many seemed more interested in going into "The World's End" pub.

In response to our appeal for someone to set up a podcast offering our recent talks, brother Martin has come forward to set this up and you can see it at these links and subscribe:



Hopefully all our talks at the Pub and at The Venue will be put up there as they are produced.

   - For those in Afghanistan desperate to be baptized and come to true relationship with the Lord Jesus
   - For the new beginnings being made in Austria
   - For those recently baptized
   - For continued blessing on the Bible Companion app and thanksgiving for so much fruit from it
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks