May 2021 Australia, Iran, Italy, Latvia, App problems

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We have been flooded with messages about the Android version of the Bible Companion app not working properly. The problem affects the English and Russian versions. The flood of messages itself is most encouraging- that so many are daily using the app worldwide, and are missing it when it's not working. We are working on it... although you can still tap the index bars and then "Bible Navigation" and all the material is still there. You should update content, if the option appears. Otherwise, go to the menu [the three horizontal bars at the top right of the screen], and out of the options you see, tap "Content". This is the last option you see listed. You can then update content and the problem will be fixed. The problem is with some of the books of the Bible which are only one chapter; and unusual situations like Titus, where in one day there are three chapters to be read in one portion, according to the Bible Companion. 2 and 3 John are also problematic, as they are two one chapter books to be read on the same day [June 19]. Unless we fix this, the app will crash again on June 19 God willing.
 So, we will release a new version before then which solves the problem.
 But there are many hours of developer time to be paid for, and once we have a clearer picture, we will likely be appealing for significant funds next week Lord willing. This will also cover some other additions of content and improvements we have in view.

This week we were able to baptize LORENA in an online meeting. She is handicapped and in much pain and difficulty in life. Her friend got sent a Bible Basics, she says, without even having requested it. This friend started reading it, and Lorena saw the book at her place and thought she would contact us and ask for one... and so it was sent by our dear brother John T, with this happy outcome. Again we are merely tools in the hands of loving Providence.

We were able to baptize HESA in an online service, after a lot of messaging and discussion in previous months.

As we send this out, the pastoral trip in Italy is still ongoing. So far we have baptized DOMINIC, ATTAH, FRANK, CHIBUKU, ERNEST and ABRAHAM, see the video of the wonderful stories at
We have done a lot of work in Italy over the years, and before the pandemic, there were regular feeding schemes and preaching visits being made. The African migrants continue arriving on the shores of Italy. They typically cross the Sahara from West Africa, witnessing many perishing in the Sahara on the way. And then they are typically tortured and bullied in Libya, often tortured until they call home and ask money to be sent to their captors. Then there is the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean on small boats, witnessing others drowning ... until they finally make it to the shores of Italy. Nearly all of them have gone through experiences which have left them with PTSD. But they receive no warm welcome in Italy, which is flooded with migrants and has suffered more than most from the pandemic. The migrants have no warm welcome in the Catholic churches, and the Pentecostals demand they pay tithes and dress up for church- when they are literally penniless, without documents and just in the clothes they stand up in. Naturally many of them want to turn to God and His Son, and we present them with the Gospel up front, as of primary importance, and only afterwards address material needs. Which are often acute. You can see our video of some of the scenes on the beaches which our brethren have experienced, at [probably not suitable for young children]
Some years ago, a group of us were feeding the migrants in some woodland bordering on the beach. We put food on the tressle tables there, gave a Bible study and distributed NEV Bibles to a large group of Africans. Afterwards, Duncan took his children to one side and they played football amongst the trees. A man came up and asked if he could have a Bible with commentary for a man in the camp where he was, who was always reading the Bible and studying it. Duncan gave this random man, perhaps an Angel, the last one. Some time later, Simon contacted us. He was the man who was the Bible reader in the camp.
He sent us photos of his NEV Bible with the commentary underlined. We then visited him and baptized him. And what a wonderful convert an evangelist he is. He speaks to the others in his camp and to other migrants in the area, and now his work over the pandemic period has had such wonderful fruit. We walked from the camp to the beach three times for baptisms, and we passed by the tables where we had run the feeding scheme years ago. You can see the tables marked in the photo of brother Simon as we walked with his converts to the beach through the forest:
Do see the video at . It's a wonderful testament to the hand of providence.
We also met up with brother Joseph, the African Italian brother who has been such a blessing to the work in Italy for so many years now. It was great to be together in the flesh again after what seemed like an age of not seeing each other. Even though brethren attend with us online, the post pandemic world will surely have to feature a hybrid between continued online meetings, and still meeting in the flesh. It was great to see Simon and Joseph so maturely teaching and leading the new converts in prayer- on the now deserted beaches, which by this time of year would usually be filling up with people.
And what sincere converts these are. The world has nothing to offer them, they are stuck in Italy, but feel strongly that God preserved them for a reason- which was to come to know Him and His dear son. They are very earnest in their desire for Him and to be above all right with Him.
We are planning more trips to other groups of African migant brethren in Italy and Sicily this Summer. We do need your support, in prayer, financially, and do consider coming out and joining in if pandemic regulations allow.


   - For the migrant brethren in Italy and Sicily
   - For those recently baptized
   - For our future plans for Italy
   - For all the people using the Bible Companion app and accessing our material, all around the world, around the clock

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks