February 2024 Afghanistan, Spain, UK

This week we baptized another two online, both called SAYED and both relatives of existing sister.

This week we baptized ADOLFO in Bilbao, Spain. He had studied a Christadelphian Bible Correspondence Course and then Bible Basics and was very fluent in his knowledge of the Bible and its doctrines.
But above all, he also has the "spirit" in "spirit and truth". His wife died some time ago and he lives with his 5 dogs in a small town about 100 km inland from Bilbao. He drove in to meet with us and we did the baptism in the cold water and one of the coldest days in Bilbao. He surprised us afterwards with a huge box of "galletas" [made in his town] to celebrate. It was really a wonderful 24 hours. It poured with cold rain all the time, but we were willing to still do the baptism. We sat in his car with the rain hammering on the windscreen, doing a baptism service translated and assisted by sister Leonie in South Africa, brother Pedro in USA and recently baptized brother Andreas in Croydon UK. We finished it- and the rain stopped, and the sun came out, and we did the baptism in bright sunshine. Brother Adolfo will be in great isolation in that small town where he is, with only Catholics and JWs there. Do pray for him in his isolation. There's a video of the
 baptism at https://youtu.be/pexItGeG6gk

Pleased to baptize RAMIN this week, he has Farsi "Bible Basics" with him in the photo, that's brother Mansoor with him whom we baptized many years ago now.
And we got out there with the Gospel on the streets of Croydon big time on Wednesday. The area around The Venue where we meet is heaving with people but is also one of the most socially challenged in south London, the smell of cannabis is heavy in the air, and stabbings [mainly drug gang related] are common. Into this environment we take the Gospel. Here's our beloved Spiro absolutely on form preaching the Lord Jesus to all with a small loudspeaker. Only a fool would say no to that... :
You can also see sister Corinne and her newly baptized son brother Andreas working together outside The Venue where we hold our lunchtime meetings:
After the Bible study there's the meal, but we also get food out to others who can't come. Here's one message of appreciation received for this service:
We also give tents to the homeless and it was "nice" to park the car and see one of them in use on some land next to the parking lot:
We truly do appreciate all your support, materially and in prayer, and we've been encouraged by the help this week of brother Lyn from Mancheser [Old Trafford] and brother Peter from London[East Ham]. Please do keep it up.
Also this week we had the honour to lay to rest our brother Josh in Putney Cemetery, he was an attender at The Venue Lunchtime Church. He was baptized at Duncan & Cindy's home into the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and now asleep in Him. We were honoured that the family asked us to run the funeral. A powerful witness was made to a packed chapel. Makes us want to go out and do all we can to persuade others to get baptized likewise and share this priceless and blessed Hope.
Video at https://youtu.be/To7lYMgnBws
 Our special love, respect and prayers with brother Kwam, Josh's dad, a true tower of strength to the 100 people or so who packed out the chapel to standing room only. As you can hear in the video, it was a great opportunity to preach the Gospel to Josh's family and friends, which is how Josh would've liked it. It's all worth it. Let us all keep on keeping on for Him.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For those in isolation
   - For safe keeping as we do our work in this world
   - For Josh's family in their loss
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks