February 2024 Afghanistan, Australia, Iran, Ukraine, UK

Thanks to VPN we were able to hold several meetings this week with an extended family who have been studying the Gospel through the Farsi Bible Companion app, and we baptized online HOSSEIN, FATEMEH, MAHDI, REZA, MAHAREH, SHIMA, MUHADESA and MONA. Some from Croydon Church in a Pub were active in the baptism services and it was a great eye opener for them to see folks in such difficult circumstances respond to the Gospel. Brother Spiro commented afterwards that he can't wait to get back out on the streets of Croydon and witness the truth of Christ to more people.

Yet another baptism in Mark & Lisa's pool in Perth, of JEN whose enthusiasm for the things of the Lord is just wonderful, and such a great person. Again we marvel at the Lord's power to reach people and the way in which people are responding to the Lord in Western Australia. All glory to Him. Very interesting video of the baptism and Jen chatting with
 Mark and Lisa at https://youtu.be/RYbVe4YfZz8

This week we were able to online baptize SAEID, a relative of brother Ibrahim baptized in London UK a while ago. Always great to see the Gospel being spread by those already baptized.

Here's an appeal for practical help from brother Mark Hawkins, do share it with others whom you think may be interested:
We are seeking expressions of interest from anyone who wishes to do something a little unusual for our Lord. The unusual thing is a two week trip to Ukraine possibly some time in July or August 2024, which would include a mix of practical manual / light building work to assist some elderly brethren and sisters, as well as visiting brethren and sisters in remote villages with simple but needed spiritual company. With God's blessing, the tour will result in Godly edification for those visited and those doing the visiting; a Godly dimension of eternal worth that no tropical island "holiday" on deckchairs can reproduce. For those coming from far away lands, the travel to and from Ukraine will take about 24 hours each way; but then I remember the many hours, days and weeks of travel by the apostles "for the Lord's sake". With this perspective, seemingly pointless hours of travel becomes a "work for the Lord". One does not require deep theological knowledge to "educate" the people you will meet; just a rejoicing in a simple and sincere trust/faith in those that you meet. Having the fairer sex on this tour would be of huge value to the Lord, for there are quite a number of sisters who truly need female connections. Regarding safety. Whilst Ukraine is indeed a warzone, the front lines are well to the east and we will not be venturing into active conflict areas (plus military checkpoints will not allow civilians to venture there). Missile strikes can strike anywhere, but most of the villages we plan on visiting are of no real significance; most missiles are directed to major population centres rather than villages. My experience has been that by God's grace, probably the statistical "chance" of being killed or wounded is not that great at all. We wouldn't make this appeal if we considered the risks of that to be unacceptably high.
What are our motives for seeking these expressions of interest?
The central figure of all our motivations is our Lord Jesus and his spirit, for he makes us aware that our path in spiritual growth is in the humble spiritual service of others, or as Jesus and John puts it "Love" ( Jn13:34; 15:12; 1Jn3:23 trust on Jesus; love for one another). For more detail please contact those of us who have made the trip before- Mark & Lisa Hawkins or Duncan.

We continue holding Sunday meetings at The Orchard Pub in Croydon, and "Lunchtime Church" and feeding scheme in Central Croydon on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We really could do with some help especially with heating and distributing the food... do let us know if you can come and help. And there are so many to sit and chat to about the Gospel, about life... as Cindy is doing here with Julia:
After church last Sunday, we drove over to sister Irene's place and between us, we baptized DECLAN a friend of hers from her former church. He was so earnest in his desire for baptism and connection with the Lord Jesus.
And there is real spiritual growth in those baptized. Here's a message we received from brother Lincoln, baptized a few weeks ago:
"I am ever so blessed, since my baptism, I understand the Bible way better and I think my mind has been transformed, I'm trying to live a good Christian life everyday. I am ever so grateful for you coming all the way from London to baptize me, may the Lord keep blessing you".

   - For those recently baptized
   - For more help in south London UK
   - For volunteers to come forward for the work in Ukraine
   - For our newly baptized brothers and sisters in Iran and Afghanistan with all the persecution issues they face

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks