August 2023 Austria, Indonesia, South Africa

Readers of Carelinks reports will recall the meetings we're funding in Vienna, Austria, led by brother Eliyas. Meeting together at a cafe on Sundays to study the Bible with the help of Bible Basics and the Bible Companion app. We were able to spend some time in Vienna with brother Eliyas and were able to baptize HAMID in a canal on the edge of Vienna. Hamid was actually keen for his baptism to be put online as he has lost relationship with those who once might have sought to persecute him for his change of religion. So you can see the video of the baptism service at
 Hamid's wife would also like to be baptized but works so much of the time- like many immigrants in this very high-cost society in Vienna. So let us know anyone who'd fancy a weekend in Vienna with these dear brothers and sisters.

A good team of brothers and sisters from Carelinks New Zealand joined Phil & Miri Worsnop on a wonderful trip this week to Indonesia, resulting in 7 baptisms and much encouragement given to our sister Emy, a regular attender at our Zoom breaking of bread meetings, assisting at her orphanage project.

Not particularly Carelinks work, but a great encouragement to reconnect with old friends in the Lord in South Africa and to marvel at the power of true Christian fellowship in the Spirit and how those baptized decades ago still hold on in faith- Stewart baptized well over 30 years ago in "the early days" in Zimbabwe, when we were both once young men... now recorder of the ecclesia in Yeoville;
Leonie, faithful friend and co-worker over 30 years
And then there was Mike & Anne's wonderful wedding, video at
the exhort afterwards at
  and then driving out to meet brother Caetano, veteran of early trips around Mozambique, shared memories of landmines and floods there, Swaziland, South Africa... despite having just broken his arm, Caetano gave his testimony of how he came to the Lord Jesus and baptism, after facing death in the Bush War where he fought as a paratrooper in the Rhodesia Light Infantry, known as "The Saints" and "The Incredibles"... before he became one of the true saints and the true Incredibles. It's at

   - For those recently baptized
   - For the group in Vienna, Austria
   - For brother Daniel's trip
   - Thanksgiving that so many of those baptized have held on in faith over the decades
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks