May 2021 Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Finland, Italy, Nigeria, Online Meetings

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We held a Zoom, and produced a YouTube video, discussing the Israel-Gaza conflict in Bible prophecy. The actual talk is at
 [about 30 minutes] and then at
 there is the talk along with mature Bible discussion, from lifelong Bible students like John Aldersley, John Drake, Mark Hawkins and Andy Taylor.

Straight after the prophecy talk and discussion, the group on Zoom were joined by WILLIAM in Burkina Faso and we were all [really quite a few from all over the world] able to watch his baptism in a hotel swimming pool, hired specially for the purpose with funds sent over for it. A really lovely time around the things of God's word and His Son.Our brother had studied and considered our teachings for a long time and this was a very special day for him. It was such a struggle to find not only water, but stable internet connection- and hiring the hotel pool was about the only solution.

Pleased to report the baptism of DOUNGUE, again a result of the French app advertising.

We were so happy to baptize LWANZO in a rural location in Congo, who had completed the Bible Basics course [in French] by handwriting out the questions and answers and sending them to us on WhatsApp. Reviewing and responding to his answers took us back to the old days, when snail mail correspondence took weeks each way. Clearly technology has been raised up for us to use, and the Lord is eager to work through it.

Sister Siiri is so enthusiastic, a true convert to the Lord. She is preparing bags of clothes and presents for the needy in her area, and also produced a calling card advertising the Bible Companion app, in English and Finnish. Now her room is covered with such bags. Do pray for her efforts to take the Lord Jesus to very secular, even paganic Finland:

We are planning a trip to Italy soon, both to meet contacts and maybe baptise them, and also to provide material help to our African migrant brethren. If restrictions remain semi lifted, we plan several such trips from now on over the Summer, God willing.
Please pray for us, and please donate towards this if you can. Also we are open to any who'd like to come and join in for a few days on these trips- bearing in mind that you may need to quarantine upon returning to your home country, and restrictions can easily return and trips get cancelled at the last minute.

Our group again assembled at last minute notice to baptize OLU whilst he had internet connection, with the usual joy expressed and experienced by all:

The many brothers and sisters baptized online during the pandemic are growing so beautifully in the Lord. There is now a sisters class on Zoom, the breaking of bread / fellowship meeting on Sundays at 9 AM London UK time; and now on Mondays at 9 AM London UK time in our usual Zoom room at
there will God willing also be a Question and Answer session. Feel free to come along and share your answers. We ideally prefer if the questions can be given beforehand.
We already have a long list of them, here are just a few:
-Has God ever spoken to you so distinctively that you could make out full words and recognize His voice?
-Why is yeast, yeast specifically, excluded in the ceremonial foods of the Old Testament, what makes it so bad?
- Do you ever, even for a second, doubt your belief?
-Is makeup sinful or wrong? Are piercing and tattoos sinful or wrong? Including ears, face and body? Is Hair dye sinful or wrong?
-In the Old Testament there are many laws to which some translations of the Bible refer to as "permanent" laws, to be upheld forever,
doesn't that mean we should still follow those laws even when we're following the commandments in the New Testament?
-How would you respond to a person who comes up to you and claims that God is not real?

Here's screenshots of our joint meeting with Brother Jim Barton's group last Sunday:

   - For more helpers to do the huge online pastoral work
   - For those recently baptized
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   - For all the people using the Bible Companion app and accessing our material, all around the world, around the clock

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks