March 2024 Australia, UK, cassette tapes

Response to Mark & Lisa's great efforts in WA continues with the baptism of BRUCE, a quietly spoken, deeply thoughtful man in Perth:
You can hear some of the very spiritually minded conversation in the video at
And as we go press, we're praying for Mark and Lisa as they drive several hours into the outback to baptize another thoughtful man, who lives 40 km from the nearest settlement. The real outback of WA.

Meetings at the Venue have been really well attended this week, and special thanks to our local friend Joy and brother Peter Marsella from East Ham ecclesia for helping with the food every day. We really need this kind of help and again... we appeal... to anyone who'd like to spend some time in London to come forward. The work is really stimulating, and one feels very much that we are "workers together with Him". When we have a few of us 'on duty' at the same time, with the food situation under control, it frees us up to get out there on the street and give fliers to the crowds and point them to The Venue meetings:
But without a team... doing the food, the talk, chatting to the folks, keeping some law and order... it's really a lot for one person. So... do think if you can come over and help.
Brother Peter is happy to give a presentation about his experiences to any ecclesia in the UK, let us know if you'd like him to come and talk to you.
"Church in a Pub" seems a phrase that just hits it off with the British public. So many are thinking of God and the Bible and the Lord Jesus but find or have found churchianity to be off putting or just not make sense. They hear of "Church in a Pub" and start following us online even if they don't live in London.
And so, the message spread to ALISON and her brother STEVE in Northern Ireland. After a lot of chats, we went there and baptized them. So lovely that a brother and sister in the flesh who are now brother and sister in the Lord Jesus. You just couldn't find nicer, more humble, more genuine seekers for the Lord Jesus. Just couldn't. What lovely people. They had been Catholics, and Steve still has a big tattoo of Jesus on his chest, but as ever, churchianity doesn't answer questions. They suffered several suicides in the family, addiction problems and the rest. And they were the two who turned to God in spirit and truth. Alison prays and reads daily and was just so excited to have the chance to be baptized in her own home.
 The video is at

Afterwards in Belfast airport, Duncan made another missionary memories video, thinking back to his first missionary journey to Northern Ireland nearly 40 years ago, to baptize the late brother Willie Kerr. Rather emotional but you may find some help on your journey too-

Marcus at 91 can't seem to get used to anything apart from cassette tapes... he was wondering if anyone has recordings of the Bible being read, preferably the KJV, that they could send to him 49 The Woodfields, South Croydon CR2 0HJ. On cassette tape. He asked us to mention that he wants just that and not recordings of talks and lectures...! He listens all the time to the one tape he has that hasn't broken.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For more helpers in London
   - For Mark and Lisa on their long drive into the outback of Western Australia to baptize Jacob
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks