October 2021 Australia, China, France, Israel, Nigeria, Russia, UK

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 Meeting ID: 669 740 1754 Passcode: XPb9Sz.

Brother John Pearce in Adelaide has clearly been inspired by the efforts of others to advertise the Bible Companion app and here's what he's been doing, making an A-frame display and other things. He writes: "We are trying to do our little bit here in pagan Adelaide, they even let us graffiti our telegraph poles here.. "

As reported previously, when Covid first broke out in Wuhan, China, a man in Wuhan called WANG caught it and turned to God, and contacted us. Only now has he managed to decide to be baptized, and brother Donald managed to visit and baptize him. Brother Donald sent us the following testimony:
Below is our brother Wang's personal testimony.
" I am a cured CoronaVirus patient in Wuhan. When I was affected, it was hard to accept as lots of people died everyday in Wuhan and I didn't expect this to happen to me. Everything was like a dream. At the beginning, I didn't have a fever. I coughed from time to time. Slowly, the spitting sputum was always bloody. I was very nervous and thought I will be dead. Later, I had a fever and I was very afraid. I had an examination and had a lung infection. When I knew the results, I was suddenly relieved and accepted it. At that time, the hospital beds were very tight, and patients with only mild disease went home temporarily to take medicine for observation. I spent the most desperate days at the most serious time, the fever reached more than 39 degrees. If the fever was high, I could only take Ibuprofen to reduce the fever. Then I couldn't sleep at night nor day. My clothes were always wet with sweat several times, and I didn't have an appetite during the day. At that time, I felt that if this continued, I might not last long. After a week, I slowly ate some traditional Chinese medicine and antibiotics, gradually improved, and finally got into the hospital bed. After staying in the hospital for 15 days, I got injections, blood tests, CT, and I was optimistic about my physical improvement. I think I should have passed this disaster, but it seems that this disaster for me had just begun.
Cure, isolate, recheck, check antibodies and see CT. Finally, everything improved. It was no longer infectious. I also changed from red code to green code and was allowed to go out. At this time, I still didn't seem to want to go out. I was afraid I'll hurt others in case of any more problems. When I saw my friends going out, I envied them very much, but I didn't want to join them. I'm afraid they will alienate me. I recovered from this serious illness, had a regular diet, had a regular work and rest, and everything was fine, but I was always alone. When I was ill, I really wanted to live, but afterwards life didn't seem interesting. Having lost my normal life, I have been going on like this. I don't even want to be close to my parents. I'm afraid that the virus with limited detection will revive on me and harm my family.
I was very sad. But during my sickness I had turned to God and requested your Bible literature. I studied, and I sometimes woke up in a dream about being baptized. You taught me to know the Lord Jesus. After a period of study, I became determined to be baptized. After being baptized, I am feeling so much better now. I feel that my whole body is full of power and God is with me. God bless".

It's always great when a totally standard secular guy gets interested, asks for a Bible hard copy [which Craig Mim sent him] and then goes further... and gets baptized. Really feels like winning a soul for the Lord Jesus. And that's what happened with DAVID in northern France, whom we baptized online this week. It was really the triumph of God's word and His dear Son in yet another secular European life:

We are sending Bibles to a growing group of farm workers in northern Israel, let's pray for them and for our desire to visit them and resume work in Israel, currently limited by Israel's borders still being largely closed due to Covid.

We'd also like to strongly recommend an initiative by our brethren in Wanganui, New Zealand. They have a friend and contact in Israel, Aharon, a New Zealand Jew who emigrated there, who is a Messianic Jewish believer and now lives in Jerusalem. He was a tour guide, but with tourism dried up, he's having a hard time. Brother John Aldersley has therefore arranged for him to give a virtual tour of Jerusalem on Zoom [from a Christian perspective] and attendees will pay to view it, in order to give him some income. It's impossible to find a time slot which fits everyone worldwide, but John and Aharon have done their best. Please see more information about how to register at

We were delighted to have a large group online to witness the baptism of BONIFACE in Nigeria, after rejecting the Trinity and other common ideas and searching for others with the same understanding and coming across our app. We had brother Peter Ojike from Nigeria present, and others from all over the world- including several Russian brethren, because we used the Zoom room for this baptism at the same time as they were having a chit chat discussion of the day's Bible readings together. So from absolutely worldwide, we watched Boniface go into a lake in rural Nigeria and baptize himself. The Lord has indeed raised up all this technology to do wonderful things, if rightly used.

Baptized online YEKATERINA in a small town in the Ural mountains; and received news from GENNADY that having fully agreed with our doctrines relating to the nature of God, the Lord Jesus, the death state, the Kingdom of God etc, he had asked an unbeliever to baptize him. Gennady is in St. Petersburg, the former Leningrad, in the far north west of Russia. Very different people, unknown to each other, separated by a few time zones within the vastness of Russia, but both came to baptism from the Russian Bible Companion app.

This was a good week for the Gospel of the Kingdom in London. First the baptism of brother G in a flat off the Seven Sisters Road, and then brothers M and A in Whitechapel. These latter two had been Jehovah's Witnesses so they were not Trinitarians, but the various other doctrines of the JWs caused them to be dissatisfied and seek further. And they found the answers in Bible Basics , the Farsi edition. Always so wonderful to meet with those who have joined the dots and the lights have gone on.

Appreciate your prayers this week as we seek to baptize more contacts in various parts of the UK.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For those struggling with Covid and its consequences in various ways
   - For our outreach in the United Kingdom and follow up with the many interested folks
   - For the people in Israel who are responding

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks