October 2022 Germany, North America, UK, Ukraine

Thanks for all the prayers asked for last week. We made a high speed trip around Germany [thanks to no speed limits on the autobahns] and are pleased to tell you of the baptisms of HUSEIN and CHARLES. It was wonderful to have brief but intense fellowship with those baptized previously at Schwabishche- such great family folks, growing in the Lord and firmly committed to the doctrines of Biblical truth without being endlessly argumentative with those who differ. For a time we followed brother Javier's car, with his simple message of the Gospel on his car. Late at night in a McDonalds, brother Javier and his children helped us make a brief video in German appealing for people to come to the Biblical Jesus and baptism into Him, without getting confused by the kind of churchianity which puts off so many secular people. Brother Javier is eager to spread the Truth and our prayers are that his efforts online in German will bring more to the Truth.
 Video [in German] at https://youtu.be/E8KrYVS7fCc

The link we gave last week to brother Larry's testimony got jumbled, it should be

Church in a Pub just keeps getting better, lots of enthusiasm for sharing the message with others, even though we can't invite many new folks to the pub as there's no room. This Wednesday Lord willing some of us will be distributing New Testaments in Brixton, let us know if you want to come along.
Heating bills this season in the UK are going to be just no joke for really lots of people on low income or benefits. There's a plan in some areas to open libraries as literal 'hotspots' where people can go and keep warm, read books and get free clothing. See https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-63127497
 If only we had a hall in south London, this for sure would be something we could do- and for sure it'd be a great way to preach the Gospel. So do keep praying we can find somewhere. We wonder why the Lord is delaying us but surely there's a reason.
There's been a lot of activity this week in the UK with our various Iranian friends. EHSAN was put in touch with us by an Iranian brother we baptized some years ago in Vienna, Austria. He had a very strong desire to be baptized into the Lord Jesus, and wanted to do it in the sea. In a small seaside town on the East Yorkshire coast in north east England. It poured with rain all day. We sat in a cafe having some fellowship hoping the rain might stop but it didn't. So we decided to just do it anyway- and walked out into the rain. Which then stopped. We did the baptism on the deserted beach and returned to the car- and the rain resumed, and kept up all day. "Little" things like that show the great hand of our God and His Son in the things of this world.
 Video at https://youtu.be/WX1p3gMmz_g

We baptized Siavash in Turkey a few years ago, now he's in the UK and has taught the Gospel to another two in London, EBRAHIM and ALI, whom we baptized in a public swimming pool- with great fellowship afterwards.
Life in camps and cheap hotels with very poor quality food is no fun... and the endless waiting for the system to respond, far from your family and loved ones.... do pray for them all.

Brother Mark Hawkins and Duncan hope to make an extended trip to Ukraine in 2 weeks' time God willing, visiting and assisting brothers and sisters, their families and contacts. Please do pray for the planning of this difficult trip. We are open to donations towards the work we're doing in Ukraine.
Easiest way is through https://cafdonate.cafonline.org/11372
 or any of the accounts listed in the footer of our emails.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our many migrant brethren living with poor food and no chance to work
   - For brother Javier and other Godly families trying to live and spread God's Truth in the secularism of western Europe
   - For the situation in Iran, where internet has been cut for many of our contacts
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks