January 2022 Afghanistan, Congo, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Pakistan, Singapore, UK

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We continue to have lots of response from Afghanistan and Iran. Despite the issues with the Taliban, the attraction of the Lord Jesus leads men and women to risk all in response to His love. We get messages like this when it comes to discussing how and when to perform the baptisms online:
This week our regular WhatsApp video meetings resulted in the baptisms of sister ZARIFA and brother ABDUL. This was before the witnesses of several other Afghani brethren. It really is amazing to see the commitment.

Response to the French Bible Companion app is really impressive- both in terms of numbers of downloads and amount of usage. This week there was the baptism of one more user, GERARD, witnessed by brethren from Europe and Australia.

Readers have likely heard of the violence and instability here this week. In previous years we baptized many elderly / middle aged sisters in Kazakhstan, fruit of the amazing work of our beloved sister Ludmila Fyodorovna before she fell asleep in the Lord. Some are still alive although elderly, and we do ask for your prayers. There's been an internet blackout, and very difficult to buy food. It's also very cold there , around -20 C. Major riots erupted after some energy prices tripled overnight. The army, now backed by Russian paratroopers, have killed several hundred people with thousands injured and several soldiers killed also.

Paying someone in Latvia to deliver firewood is always a bit risky but again so far so good. Many of our dear ones don't have mobile communication and often move where they're staying, so it's really difficult to help everyone. But again we did get a pic of sister Judite with the firewood she got this week.
We've not been able to run the Bible Center throughout most of the pandemic, there's a big Covid problem in Latvia and such meetings were not allowed by Covid regs. So what with high on costs [buildings need to be heated in any case over the Winter] and other issues, we've closed the Center but are continuing to provide welfare as best we can including by visits. Those who do have internet access are able to attend our Russian language meetings on Zoom and WhatsApp.

HASIDA was baptized online this week. She's from Afghanistan but now in Pakistan with her 3 young children. Such a traumatic situation but this is what brings men and women to turn to the Lord Jesus. Our sister is very sincere and Christ-centered.

LYDIA in Singapore self baptized, after a lot of correspondence in Chinese with our Chinese speaking brothers. We weren't able to be present by video, but she demonstrated a sincere understanding of the Gospel over some time. Looking back, this was her first contact with us, after having read our material online in Chinese:
We also need to pray for our work in China. There are new laws in China to the effect that "Online religious services and activities led by foreigners to be banned in China
The new law states that Chinese Christians need a state permit to publish religious content, which "should not incite subversion or oppose the communist party leadership." You can read more at

We have several times recently gotten out on the streets of south London with the Gospel.
Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBMeHvdT9wk
 People keep asking us "Where do you meet?" so we went to see a suitable premises for rent. Would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and to have a specific vision.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For wisdom for our work in London
   - For those under persecution from Islamic extremism
   - For our brothers and sisters in Kazakhstan

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks