February 2020 Latvia, Australia, UK, Germany

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A final reminder that the Carelinks UK Conference will be held next Saturday 29 February God willing. See https://carelinks.net/doc/events

Do pray too for our contacts in UK whom we hope to baptize this week.

Norman soldiers on in the kitchen, but we've had sister Esther Hemmings from the Tamworth UK ecclesia helping him. How many others out there could come and do what Esther did- get trained by Dr. Cindy in the hygiene requirements, do the daily shop for the food, prepare and serve the soup, deliver firewood, and help with a baptism. In this case, of GUNDARS, a very serious man who loves his Bible and had so clearly grasped the Gospel. You can see a brief video of the baptism at https://youtu.be/zXG7_KuYDts
Obviously after all the hard work in kitchen, there's great joy among the workers whenever someone is baptized:
Singing has become a feature of our daily Bible classes. Brother Viktor has well and truly quit alcohol and is focusing on his music and indeed it is his "good work" intended for him from the foundation of the world (Eph. 2:10). Here you can see him performing one of his songs with another 2 former alcoholic sisters singing with him. This is surely the power of the Gospel and the cleansing work of the Lord Jesus in practice:
You can view their musical items at

We mentioned last week the baptism of two young men in Australia and you can see the deep gratitude of brother Jonathan here:

Yet another testimony to the power of the Gospel in transforming lives to God's glory as we await the Kingdom.

Good news this week from Germany. Firstly, we went to a very cute village to meet and baptize AUSTIN. He and his wife had made the nightmare journey to Libya from West Africa, were abused there, and then saw their fellow passengers drowning as they tried to cross the Mediterranean. They survived, and lived some years in Sicily, but then moved on to Germany. During that time they've been blessed with four lovely children. Along with another 30 migrants, they were sent to live in a formerly derelict house in this cute village. But one by one, most of those migrants have been deported or moved on. All these experiences led the family very much to God; entering their room you see this is a Christian family. Their favourite verse which they have written on the walls, surrounded by photos from the various stages of their life journey, is Joshua 1:9 "Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid nor discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go". They led a Bible study with the other migrants in that building, but now they're gone, they continue alone trying to serve the Lord. And so Austin got the Bible Companion app and decided for baptism. The village has hardly any public transport, and they are pretty much stuck there as they obviously don't have a car. So there they are, using the app to study the Bible, and coming to the right conclusions. You can see them with the Joshua 1 quote and the photos of their journey:
In Munich, it was a pleasure to spend an evening with PETER and his delightful wife. They are truly spiritually minded people and a delight to be with. Peter has studied Bible Basics and is an enthusiastic user of the app, very clear now that there is no Trinity. Four years ago we baptized brother Rochester in Munich, so he was present, along with brother Joe Sparacino who lives in Munich. Truly where two or three are gathered together, there is the Lord Jesus in our midst.
And so it was with us that evening. We discussed the doctrines of the Truth, the things of the Spirit and way of the Lord Jesus, and then baptized Peter in his bath tub and broke bread together. We have there the beginnings of a small fellowship in the great city of Munich. It was lovely hearing Rochester pray... any spiritually minded person could surely listen to Rochester's prayers for hours. Again, we rejoice in the absolute triumph of the Lord's work "in spirit and truth", leading secular middle class white Germans to the life eternal.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our work in the UK this week
   - For brother Austin and his family, stuck as they are in that remote village
   - For more workers in Riga

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks