May 2021 Cameroon, Canada, Italy, Finland, Uganda, USA

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We continue providing food and support to the needy in Riga, where temperatures can still be below zero at night. The photos look all rather the same, but the work goes on.
We are receiving many requests for help from those in communities suffering from the pandemic. We're trying to respond with both love and wisdom. Here's a photo sent from one of our brethren in Francophone West Africa- rural areas are really suffering from the economic collapse:

We were able to baptize FRANCOIS, in a very remote rural area- who all the same had managed to download the app. He is an older man who has been a lifelong animist and is only now converting to Jesus.The truth of the Gospel is enjoying amazing penetration.

Jim Anne Barton continue holding twice weekly meetings, breaking of bread and Bible class. And so many are downloading the app and responding to Google advertising throughout Canada. This week we're happy to tell you of the baptisms of Kerisa and CLAUDIO her husband, an Italian-Canadian. Their testimony to the power of God's truth in Christ is just amazing. After seriously engaging with the app, he quit 30 years of marujiana smoking, and she also quit this. The video of the baptism is at

You can if you wish skip the first half, which is our fairly standard baptism service, and listen to the testimony of this couple. Here you witness the real power of God's truth in changing lives. Claudio uses the app several times / day at work, and talks to his colleagues about the message.
And there are others heading for baptism in Canada, please pray for Gerald, that his baptism works out in this coming week God willing.

We reported recently the baptism of sister Siiri in Finland. Her spiritual growth after baptism has been amazing to behold, and she is a regular supporter of our online meetings and baptisms. It's easy for many of our generation and background to consider gaming as something outside our experience, and impenetrable by the Gospel. But we have to face reality, that a large segment of society is into gaming. And we have to meet secular people on their own turf, where they stand. Our new sister Siiri in Finland is a gamer, like many people her age in Scandinavia. She has made a short video about how she got a Bible, and through her video she fearlessly witnesses to the Lord Jesus. The video is at

She even made her witness wearing a head covering as she wants to follow 1 Cor. 14... well, this is the new generation, and it's interesting to see them growing their own way.

Siiri has made another video more specifically aimed at gamers, with a really wonderful testimony and encouragement of people to accept the Gospel:

Covid and the related economic collapse is biting very hard with some sectors of society. The African migrant brethren in Italy and Sicily were already in a hard position, and now with the collapse of the hospitality industry many are really struggling for the basics. We've been sending out regular support and were very happy to get these photos of rice, water and food being bought and distributed in Sicily. Do pray for them all there in this very difficult situation.

ISAAC had been looking for Bible truth for a long time, and found it through the app. He struggled to find both water and good internet connection, but finally the great day and internet moment came, and we were able to witness his very sincere baptism into Jesus. Brother Joe from America, Sister Siiri from Finland were there and brother Mark Hawkins took a break from a supermarket shop in Perth, Australia to lead the prayer and give words of encouragement.

We've been having lots of chats with JUSTIN, he works as a security guard at a parking lot in Los Angeles, he sits in his car through the nights reading his Bible and looking at our stuff. We're delighted to say that he has been interviewed and baptized by the Santa Fe ecclesia. It's always so wonderful to see the lights go on in someone's head as they join the dots and see the picture of the Truth, with all the doctrines fitting together so nicely. He's also been with us at our online meetings, from that car park in the middle of the night LA time, with brothers and sisters from around the world:

   - For those recently baptized
   - For the continued spiritual growth of so many
   - Thanksgiving that despite lack of physical fellowship, technology is working to enable spiritual growth and conversion
   - For the migrant brethren in Italy

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks