September 2023 UK, Garden Party

This week we baptized NARGES, the wife of brother Kamyar who was recently baptized in west London.
After the Summer break, we have resumed our three times / week Lunchtime Church talks and free meal for the homeless and others. We resumed where we left off in the book of Acts, going through almost verse by verse, as we have Genesis and Luke previously. This week it took us three sessions to go through Acts chapter 5 and the talks are now online:
Ananias and Sapphira lie to God

What it means to have a connection with Jesus, to follow your conscience and totally surrender

Standing with your back to the world, obeying God rather than men

The highlight was on Wednesday, when we had a wonderful time after the meeting baptizing AL, LOUIS and PAUL into the Lord Jesus.
Video at
All came to us through the Lunchtime Church meetings. And thanks to Jonathan for the great music! So wonderful to see three local Londoners being baptized into the Lord Jesus. Our bathroom was packed with them and visitors, a truly great and close to the Lord experience for all of us.
The much-anticipated day of the Alcohol-Free Garden Party has come and gone. The Lord gave us the hottest day of the year, with burning sun and no wind nor clouds over Croydon. And huge blessings. About 50 people attended, there were the baptisms of AISLEEN, ANDY, RAQUELLE and RONALD.
And wonderful fellowship and conversations. Huge thanks to sister Maria's family for operating brother Spiro's barbeque, to brother Kwam for bringing his sound rig, for those who brought snacks and collapsible chairs and who helped with the clean-up.
You can see the video and get the flavour at
Only to God and His dear Son be the glory. Sister Raquelle's amazing testimony is at
It was so good to see folk feeling comfortable inviting their friends. Plans are already in place for a Winter Patio Party... just need to get some space heaters so we're all warm as toast outside under the gazebo and in the spa pool... anybody have any they could lend us? Everyone seemed to love it and we just thank God that it all worked out so well with His clear blessing.
Sister Raquelle who was baptized has been using the Bible Companion app and material three times / day for over 2 years. Reading each chapter according to the Bible Companion readings, checking out the commentaries, watching the videos. Although she'd never met us, she said it felt like meeting old friends as she had watched and listened to so much of our material. Her testimony is an amazing testimony as to how a Catholic began reading the Bible and came to the priceless truths of the scriptures. Our sister's baptism makes all our efforts so worthwhile.
We had more baptisms on the Sunday after Pub Church, will report on them next week Lord willing. 10 baptisms of Londoners in London in a week... this is all the Lord's special blessing. We do again appeal for helpers... to regularly attend and be involved in what is without doubt a movement of the Spirit here. And for your continued financial support which is necessary. We also ask that our community will get out of the mindset that "Nobody's interested in the Gospel these days". They are big time. You just have to approach them right. If you'd like to try a garden party or church in a pub in your area, do get in touch.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For more help in South London
   - For others to see the huge potential of things like Church in a Pub and Alcohol-Free Garden Parties in their areas
   - That our community will get out of the mindset that "Nobody's interested in the Gospel these days". They are, big time. You just have to approach them right.
   - For the cafe church group in Austria working towards more baptisms next weekend Lord willing
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks