April 2021 Afghanistan, Benin, Cameroon, Canada

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The Farsi app continues to be widely used in Afghanistan. The situation there, as in Iran and other parts of the Muslim world, is very difficult. People are taking a real risk to quit Islam and to be baptized, with immediate family usually the greatest source of opposition and danger:
Despite family difficulties and opposition, we were finally able to baptize sister BALQIZ, who had ardently devoted herself to the Lord Jesus. We discussed many questions, such as should she continue wearing the hijab when she goes outside, the external sign of submission to Islam. Google Translate is a tool raised up by God, without doubt, so that the Gospel can be spread and fellowship experienced. It was a pleasure to have newly baptized brother Borge from Norway with us for the baptism. Always so powerful to hear the testimony of a convert to Islam who then converted to Christianity:
And afterwards, there was such great joy expressed from our new sister:

The app continues to spread exponentially in Africa. We were pleased this week to report two more baptisms in West Africa, ESTER and RODOLPHE. It was so hard with Rodolphe to get a connection, then he ran out of credit and we had to buy him some more, one thing after another. Such is life in rural Africa. But it was worth persevering- what a fine young brother was baptized in the end:

Some of our French team witnessed a really wonderful baptism of JOSIEANNE in Cameroon. Our sister was well prepared, had dressed herself in white as the bride of Christ, had her hair done especially for the occasion, and really gave such a sincere testimony. The video is in French and is at https://youtu.be/AQ0b5GNZiPc Please share it with any French speaking contacts. And she has become a regular and positive contributor to the growing WhatsApp group in French, which connects French speaking contacts and baptized believers literally worldwide. As ever, our French speaking audience and witnesses came from all over the world- Betty and Mike had literally just anchored their yacht in the Pacific before joining the meeting. This surely is how to use the internet:

We were with joy able to baptize ESTHER, who had long wished for this. We are encouraged that Google Advertising is able to penetrate even in Canada to those sincere people who are looking for relationship with the Lord Jesus in spirit and truth. It was good to be joined by our newly baptized brother and sister from Norway and Finland, as well as more local brethren. These happy events surely bring the world together.

   - For those newly baptized
   - For those facing choices between the family of God, and their secular families
   - For those considering the cost before accepting the Lord Jesus
   - For more helpers in the huge work of following up so much interest and so many baptisms

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks