December 2023 Australia, UK

Message from Carelinks Australia.
Dear brothers and sisters.
Carelinks Australia thinks it appropriate to acknowledge receipt of donations to its account, and yet clearly all donors are spiritually motivated in their donating, and therefore it seems some are not seeking a "thank you"; they are happy to quietly give; a "doing of alms, not letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing". But there is also an appropriateness in Carelinks acknowledging receipt of donations, so if at all possible, please include your email address with your donation; but we fully understand if you wish to remain anonymous. We do receive donations that we can't acknowledge because we don't have a clear donor name nor email. But thank you all for donating to a great work.
Brother Mark Hawkins

Our new sister Luisa is going so well in Italy and very passionate about our work in London. It's great to see the lights going on in someone as they see what God's Truth is really all about in practice:
And a big shout out to sister Lois Vandenberg who came over to spend two weeks working with us in London, from the Brampton ecclesia in Ontario, Canada. She was able to be involved in 12 baptisms in those two weeks, and helped warm countless hot meals and facilitate countless coffees at our Lunchtime Church meetings on weekdays. Lois thoroughly enjoyed herself as you can see in the
 video at
If Lois can do it, so can many others... do prayerfully consider coming over and helping. Here are some pics of our sister in action:
After Church in a Pub on Sunday, some Iranian and Kurdish brothers came back for some fellowship and we had a wonderful time together, baptizing REBIN and ASHKAN. Always wonderful to have spiritual discussion together. On the table you can see Farsi "Bible Basics", the Farsi "Bible Companion" app in use and hard copy NEV Bibles... in between all the coffee cups. A great afternoon together. Such lovely folks, for whom the switch out of Islam to true Christianity really is the difference between light and darkness.
And there were also baptisms during the week. On Monday, VLADIMIR [originally from Ukraine] came back to our place and was baptized;
and then on Tuesday, ALI, SAMAN and NASER, with music from Jonathan afterwards. What a great evening that was, truly where two or three gather together, the Lord is present.
We can only give thanks to the Lord for willingly working with us to achieve His glory in this work. The work is His solely, we seek to do it as best we can. And we appreciate your support to enable it to go ahead on the ground.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For more helpers in London
   - Thanksgiving for the Lord's great blessing on our outreach in the UK
   - For our Iranian brethren who have now received right to remain in the UK and are now homeless now their housing support has been withdrawn and they must cope independently [minimum wage work is hardly enough to rent a room in London, let alone to live and survive on top of that]
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks