May 2022 Afghanistan, Cameroon, Germany, Iran, Ukraine

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The Ukraine war must not let us forget the tragedy of Afghanistan and the extreme difficulties there for Christians. Despite it all, many are using the Persian language app and this week we were able to online baptize SANAULLAH.

Brother Wilfried made an epic journey to a remote village to baptize Zebede, who is a village elder and of course we hope and pray he can use his influence to bring more to the Truth of the Lord Jesus. You can see the video in French at
 There is there some video of this remote village, giving an insight into life in rural Africa, and brother Zebede's wife making palm oil. You can also see the bad situation with water there.
Brother Wilfried comments:
Il dit que chez eux l'eau potable n'existe pas , il boive toujours l'eau que vous avez vu là et où, il s'est baptisé, ils sont attaqués par des maladies qui en découlent, et plus loin de lui , il y'a un forage du don islamique. Alors lorsque lui étant chrétien, il parcourt des kilomètres pour y aller chercher un peu à boire , pour lui et sa famille, il reçoit des insultes en retour car il est bien entouré des musulmans qui se demande où est sa part de Dieu qui ne peut en aucun cas lui venir en aide .cela lui affecte mentalement au point où il se decide lui et sa famille de boire de cet eau sans craintes mais au risque de toutes maladie. 

He says that there is no drinking water for them, he always drinks the water that you saw there and where he was baptized, they are attacked by diseases that result from it, and further from him, there is a well that has been drilled by an Islamic welfare organization. So when he, being a Christian, travels miles to get a little drink there, for him and his family, he receives insults in return because he is surrounded by Muslims who mock him that his God cannot help him with clean water. It affects him mentally to the point where he decided he and his family to drink their local water without fear despite the risk of all the illness.

HADI became a Christian some time ago and fled from Iran to Turkey, thence to Germany. He's a very genuine and spiritual person, and it was a pleasure to online baptize him. As you can see from the photo, "Blessed are the hands, strong in the power of prayer".

MEHDI was baptized this week online. Again, fruit of the app. Also we were very happy to online baptize MELIKA, whose father was baptized by us previously, again online.

We've been mentioning in recent Carelink messages the huge interest in the Russian and Ukrainian versions of the Bible Companion app within Ukraine. We're delighted to report that brother Igor, whose wife and niece are en route to safety in the UK at this moment, was able to baptize YAROSLAV, despite the usual wartime difficulties. Do pray for others who are responding to the Gospel in the difficult situation in Ukraine, again demonstrating how the Father brings good out of evil situations. You can see the brief video of the baptism in a humble bath tub, at
 At this moment brother Duncan is hundreds of kilometers deep within Ukraine and has baptized the parents of sister Natalya, LEONID and LUBA, along with another relative of theirs, an elderly lady also called LUBA, whose home was destroyed in northern Ukraine and is living with Leonid and Luba in their village home. Duncan was able to meet up with local brothers, you can see Andrej and our new brother Yaroslav in the picture. Let's pray they don't get called up to the army.
Sister Iryna informs us:
"Today our relative wrote to us that her husband, like Nastya's, was killed. There are also two children left. Nastya left [the room]. I was afraid that the children would see her crying. And she returned calm...  She, like me, cries, then firmly understands that this is life." . Irina and Nastya and the children are due to arrive UK next week God Willing, they are currently in Poland.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our brethren and contacts in an increasingly difficult position in Afghanistan
   - For those struggling with the results of bereavement and displacement in Ukraine, especially sister Iryna's family in their double bereavement, and the now fatherless children
   - For brother Duncan's safety on a rather challenging trip

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks