November 2022 Afghanistan, Italy, Mexico, UK

Delighted this week to baptize online NAJIBULLAH . But he has asked us a question which reflects how acute is the difficulty for true Christians- should be still attend the mosque, when the Taliban are insisting all attend and punishing those who don't? We think of Naaman's situation and some other Biblical precedents, but in the end these are matters of personal conscience. We ask for your prayers as so many we baptize work through these things in their consciences.

So pleased to share the self baptism of GERMINAL, a 66 year old retired ambulance driver, after reading so much of our material online.

So happy to share in the online baptism of MIRIAM in Mexico, the meeting was run by brother Pedro in Florida USA and sister Cristina in Colombia [herself baptized online a few years ago]. This is all fruit of the huge amount of online work done by brother Pedro and others, who constantly push folks to download the Spanish Bible Companion app.

This week we made a brief trip to the highlands of Scotland, thanks to cheap direct flights from London to Inverness. Met with GEORGE and baptized him in a private swimming pool. He'd read The Real Christ and The Real Devil and has truly found "the riches of the full assurance of understanding" (Col. 2:2), both doctrinally and spiritually. It's not every day that we meet and baptize a true Highlander... so again we rejoice in the spreading of the Truth to even in the furthest north of the UK mainland.
Meanwhile we continue the process of obtaining a hall for our meetings in south London. Please contact Duncan directly if you're able to materially assist with this

   - For those recently baptized
   - For the plans for a hall in the south London area
   - For those in conflicts of conscience about having to attend mosques when they are now Christians
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks