February 2021 Iranians, Latvia, Uganda, Australia, Benin

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SUNDAY 28TH God willing the breaking of bread will be earlier, around 06:30 a.m. GMT, as we have a total of four baptisms planned for later that Sunday morning.

The extreme cold has eased, with some melting and refreezing, creating tracks and paths hardly passable due to the black ice on them. This is a very difficult time for those without proper footwear, the elderly and those generally unsteady on their feet. We're continuing to take food and firewood out. You can see a video of taking food, firewood and sister Evia's freshly baked warm biscuits, with various slithering and sliding experiences on the black ice: https://youtu.be/rbOw-HH1ZxA
Here are some of her biscuits tied in a plastic bag to the door handle of one of the sheds where our folks are temporarily living. They spend the day out looking for odd jobs, or hanging around in the supermarkets to keep warm. But that evening, they would've returned to a welcome surprise. As we comment in the video, we share God's grace as best we can, hoping and praying that in turn, that experience of His grace will elicit response. As it already has in the many who have been baptized:

We never cease to be encouraged by how the word sown keeps popping up in fruit. Here's a message from an app user who was also sent the hard copy NEV Bible but only now got in deeper contact: "Thank you for the copy of the NEV Bible sent to me last year. I really like the translation and the commentary. I got the full commentary for my Amazon Kindle and the Bible Basics. I am learning a lot from both. I first came to faith 35 years ago and I have never believed Jesus is God and God is a trinity. I have attended trinitarian churches all my life. I didn't know there were other churches with my beliefs. It was only last year I realised have the same beliefs as I do concerning the nature of God and God's future kingdom. It's refreshing to know. Again thank you so much for the Bible. It is now my favourite" . He's now in touch with local brethren.
Our deep conviction that 'there are people out there...' was confirmed by MATT, who baptized himself in his bath tub. Matt uses the Bible Companion app every morning, after having left a prosperity Gospel church and turning instead to reading the Bible alone.
As so often, with both these cases, people were quietly using the app daily for a long time without contacting us. And there are hundreds of thousands of users in the world now. So one by one they get into contact with us. There are "people out there". Let's pray for more to come forward.

The constant flow of response from Iranians shouldn't lead us to somehow miss the wonder of the fact that so many are being baptized, and each is special to their Father and to their new Lord and Master. This week we baptized ALI and had many encouraging sessions with others preparing for baptism.

Our French speaking team have again been busy, with baptisms this week in the Caribbean and West Africa, of ROMAIN, BENJAMIN and AMOS. Brother Cyrille from Togo was involved with the baptism service of Amos in Benin, and was very active in discussing with Amos before the baptism. Discussions went on about 1 and a half hours in total before , it was really great to see Cyrille willing to be roped in and being so helpful. Francophone West Africa is proving so fruitful for the Gospel.

ENOCK has been reading all three portions of the Bible Companion app every day and thus came to a good and deep appreciation of the Truth of the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom. A group of us were happy to baptize him.

   - For our weak and elderly folks slipping and stumbling on the black ice
   - For those recently baptized
   - For the app users to keep coming forward for baptism and fellowship
   - For our efforts to bind together all these new converts into a functional community
 With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks