November 2023 UK, Christmas Welfare Appeal in UK

We have so many coming to Church in a Pub we've had to try to limit it by asking all attenders to let us know by text if they can come. Some of our folks are homeless and sleep in tents, although nearly all have a mobile phone. So we get confirmation messages like this
Lunchtime church continues going strong three times / week but we're so looking forward to the arrival of sister Lois Vandenburg from Canada to give us a hand. Talks this week:
There's a hole in the heart only Jesus fills, Acts 16
Hardened men and women can change, Acts 16
You can't continue claiming to be agnostic after hearing Paul in Acts 17

We had the great joy of baptizing TANIA. Her journey through life has been so hard and tragic, but truly she is a parade example of the transforming power of knowing the Lord Jesus. With scars on her arms from years of self-harm and feeling so unloved in her previous life, she has come to know the love of God and of His Son. She speaks very quietly, and you may have to make an effort to hear her, but really you won't fail to be inspired by hearing her testimony and seeing her baptism at
This is really the triumph of the truth of the Lord Jesus in yet another secular British, London life, another who came to say with the rest of us "Vain was the good which in the world we sought":
And it is lovely to see appreciation from those who have truly grasped the Lord Jesus through our weak efforts, with your support in so many ways:
And then there was the baptism of BART originally from Poland. After 30 years a Roman Catholic he observed things weren't in accord between the Bible and the Catholic church, and so began years of Bible reading- and disillusion with various churches. His well-thumbed Bible is great to see. It's amazing how an open, searching mind comes to Truth. He so wanted to be baptized but didn't want to commit himself to churchianity and dogmas he didn't believe. We arrived at his home to find the water already poured and ready in the bathtub. What a great testimony and what joy when someone quits falsehood and finds the Truth- just listen to it:
Last week we reported the baptism of Kingsley and Mary, living with their five lovely children in a single room in an HMO, with shared toilet, bathroom and kitchen- shared with very many other residents. And paying a huge amount for that small dimly lit room. We went to visit them again to try to assist and encourage in the very difficult situation. They have no access to housing benefit. It's really no joke having all those children in a tiny room with two beds in it, keeping coats on indoors and having to take it in turns to get to sleep on the beds:
And this is in the UK.
The HMO has a small bathroom with a bathtub. There's no hot water there. Guess the landlord switched off the boiler or the renters are behind in paying the bills. So again, in totally cold water, with the temperature outside only just above freezing, sisters Cindy and Evia were able to baptize FAVOUR. What a lovely young woman, so eager to continue her dedication to Bible reading and prayer.
Our now large community who gather at Croydon Church in a Pub and then at the Lunchtime Church meetings are holding an alcohol free Christmas Party and meal [along with a presentation of the Gospel, Bible reading, live music and games] on Wednesday 13th December from 5 - 8 PM God willing at our usual midweek venue, The Venue on Middle Street, central Croydon [next to KFC opposite Primark, by the tram line]. All are welcome. We're expecting a big attendance, and we hope to give those in need, especially those living in tents, a kind of Christmas present of a rucksack with various things in it. We're really open to donations of sleeping bags, blankets and ruck sacks. If you can help, please get in touch and we can think how you can get such things to us in Croydon. Other stuff we'd like to put inside the sacks include:
Toothbrush toothpaste
Wash stuff
Hand warmers
Lady's essentials (pads wipes ect)
Continent pads
Sending such things internationally is definitely not going to be efficient given the cost of freight, so this is really only relevant to folks in the UK.
To that list we might add that any half decent smartphones or tablets would be put to good use too. It's not hard to pick up free WIFI here and there and it gives folks a chance to get online a bit- if they have a device.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For those with children in urban poverty and housing issues
   - For our alcohol-free Christmas party
   - Thanksgiving for the Lord's huge blessing upon our outreach
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks