February 2023 Germany, Iran, Russia, UK

Thanks for the prayers requested last week for the brief trip to Berlin made this week. One of those baptized by us online in Afghanistan has now made it to Berlin, Germany. He is spreading the Gospel amongst the many asylum seekers being accommodated in the buildings of the now disused Templhof airport, in the former West Berlin. Huge numbers are living in mattrasses on the floors there. Not a great life at all. So we were delighted to meet and to baptize ALI and celebrate with a decent coffee:
They have horrendous stories of suffering under the Taliban regime and were nervous to be photographed. We gave welfare as appropriate as they really are not in a good position at all. The power of the Gospel in motivating men against all human odds and wisdom is indeed amazing.

We were pleased to baptize ARAN this week online.
And we continue getting lots of evidence of real spiritual growth from other Muslims baptized online in Iran and Afghanistan. Here's an example: .

We continue to have lots of serious interest from Russians in Russia, living as they are in a very difficult economic and moral situation. There are many Muslims in Russia and this week we were able to baptize NURISLAM online, with some from the Croydon church and also brother Mark from Australia as witnesses as our brother immersed himself in his bath tub. Do pray for them in Russia, it's so hard with the economic crisis, especially this Winter, and the pressure of the military call up and war effort.

It was great to have brother Steve Gretton from Mendip ecclesia with us at pub church last Sunday, he gave the exhortation and stayed to experience lunchtime church at "The Venue" on Monday. Let us know if you'd like to come and help us in this way, or with the catering issues. We do need your help. Steve's exhort on Romans 5 is at
 After church on Sunday we were pleased to baptize a young engaged couple, MAHNAZ and MILAD.
At "The Venue" in central Croydon, we run English only church on Mondays, Russian and English on Tuesdays and Persian and English on Wednesdays. After our session on Wednesday, we were delighted to have a number of our sisters come back to our home for the baptism of sister MARJANE who travelled for some hours to be baptized. Another truly happy occasion. Video, including our amateur but from the heart singing, at https://youtu.be/cDZrjlegaU4 . If you want to see how the Persian service looks, there's a video of our session on the promises to Abraham at
 We have many Persian speakers from Iran and Afghanistan eager to attend online.If you know any Persian speaking friends looking to learn more about the Lord, do direct them to https://www.persianchurch.info or https://www.carelinks.net/fa
And then we had a request from our recently baptized brethren in Birmingham to go and baptize MEYSAM who had been unable to attend last week's baptism meeting. With joy we are pleased to report we were able to baptize him and hope he will find support in his journey from a local ecclesia:
   - For those recently baptized
   - For the many asylum seeker brethren living in very very difficult circumstances
   - For more help on the ground in Croydon especially with the catering
   - For our brethren and contacts in Russia in their very difficult circumstances, economically, freedom of religion and military call up
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks