August 2021 Afghanistan, Congo, Iran, UK

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As mentioned last week, you may have seen on the media that the Taliban have resurged in Afghanistan, recently taking control of well over half the country. Many civilians are fleeing as town after town falls to them. Their declared intention is to establish an Islamic extremist emirate in Afghanistan. This of course is a frightening prospect for those baptized into Christ there. Our brethren are all in Kabul, which hasn't yet fallen to the Taliban, but is clogged with refugees, fear and the associated economic problems and issues. The video we produced seeking to locate the situation there in the context of Bible prophecy, has had hundreds of views.
 It's at

Despite big problems with connectivity, we are happy to report the baptisms of GRACE, RACHEL, BENJAMIN, JANVIER, GLORIA, WALUBILA, BAHATI and KANGELA. Again this is fruit of the French app. Here's a poor picture of brother Josue baptizing them:

This week we were able to baptize MELIKA online, with translation from brethren in USA.

It was really very touching, deeply touching, to baptize KRIS in the River Nene, just past the classic "picturesque English village" of Outwell in Norfolk, deep in "The Fens" of East Anglia. Here was a standard, secular guy... who had been honest enough to accept there was a hole in his heart and his life that he knew only God could fill. And so having rejected various fake religions, he turned to the Bible. And became a deep Bible student, unable to sleep or rise each day unless he had prayed and read from the Bible.
 Thanks to brother Rob in Latvia [and the hand of providence], he got an NEV Bible, which you can see here on his desk. And he began memorizing Bible verses and studying those verses. Inevitably really, all this prayerful Bible study led him to a strong desire to be baptized into the Lord Jesus. It was a really wonderful thing to observe his journey and be part of moving that journey forward, over the critical bridge of baptism.

Brothers Rob and Mark were online with us for the baptism and gave the prayers, and led the very spiritual discussion afterwards. You can as it were join in through the video at

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our brethren in Afghanistan
   - For our campaigns planned this week in the UK [Brixton, Cardiff, Croydon]
   - Thanksgiving that so many are responding to the Gospel

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks