October 2020 Carelinks Winter Welfare Appeal 2020-2021

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Carelinks Winter Welfare Appeal 2020-2021
In previous Winters for several years now, Carelinks initiated a major project to try to meet the significant problem of suffering as a result of the low temperatures in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. We provided funds to pay for heating bills, improved houses against the cold, installed internal toilets, delivered firewood, warm clothing, medical and other assistance to our most needy brothers and sisters.
You can see a brief video taken last Winter of an old lady, bent over and relying upon a cane, seeking to navigate the ice and snow-
Life is hard enough in areas where the state doesn't have funds to clear snow and ice, but when you are without family and support, it's all so much harder. And now we are hit with the economic collapse from the pandemic. This is already proving a very hard winter for so many.
We provide and deliver firewood, and you can see a video of us doing this at   https://youtu.be/G35aqCiIikM
there you will see a fairly typical situation, where a family were trying to keep warm by burning cardboard boxes they had scavenged:
As reported in our updates, we believe this significantly alleviated the suffering of families, single mothers and especially elderly brothers and sisters.
Given rising fuel prices the average cost of heating an apartment is almost the entire old age pension. Those with no supporting relatives, living alone, are left with literally nothing to survive on over the Winter months.
For those living in the large concrete blocks which house the majority of the urban population, if they don't pay their heating bills, they have to vacate the apartment- which often means going to live in the night shelters, and being out on the street from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This year, as mentioned in recent messages, we have major extra expenditure connected to the bills for running the hall in Riga, Latvia . Despite current limitations on meetings for feeding, this week we began feeding from the car boot, and taking food out to brethren and contacts, including welfare packs of socks, underpants, candles and soap:
Please consider donating whatever you can afford. We continue to be also faced with the needs of many baptized refugee brethren from Africa and the Middle East who are facing the Winter with a minimum of state support, in various parts of Europe. Particularly there are some of those baptized in Italy who have no state support and some are in derelict primary schools in the mountains with no provision of warm clothing etc. Following are a few typical photos of help provided in previous years and would like to continue assisting.
We're seeking to provide a total of 8,000 GBP [10,000 $] towards this project. We have no salaried workers.
We have already started distributing firewood and giving Winter welfare support.
Here are some photos of work done over previous Winters:
In rural areas, we delivered firewood and other assistance to isolated brothers and sisters too old or ill to cope with the Winter, often due to having been abandoned by neighbours and family who have gone off to the towns and forgotten about them:
With temperatures down to -45 degrees in some areas where we have brethren, Winter becomes very difficult to cope with for the sick, elderly, single mothers and isolated. We try to provide relevant material support for them, including warm clothing and welfare packages:
This is a wonderful project, involving relevant humanitarian help being given to a lot of good hearted brothers and sisters who are in urgent need through no fault of their own, living as they are in the broken down social and economic situation which there is in the ex-USSR, with no other source of support, and in an area where temperatures can go down very low indeed.
This isn't just a nice idea, this program has been run for many years already and we have all contacts in place for it to happen this year too. Please do be as generous as you can and pass this appeal on to others, and above all please pray for this project and for our brethren and sisters.
You are welcome to donate towards this work through our usual channels, for bank account details see
the "Donate" tab on the app, or PayPal to tiybible@yahoo.com  [PayPal donations are only tax deductible in the USA.]
Donations to Carelinks from the USA, Canada and UK are tax deductible
You can send cheques made out to "Carelinks" to
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With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks