June 2020 UK, Ecuador, Latvia, Argentina, Carelinks Conference, Iran, Canada

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We continue having thousands of downloads of the Farsi app in Iran. And many conversations, with a lot of fear. We get messages like this:
I,am Iranian
And I have just believed but in my country the punishment for becoming a Christian Is death
And there in no church or person To guide me here please help me
To understand more

We can only pray for these people and be grateful they can learn the Truth from the app and baptize themselves as they can.

The Spanish version of the Bible Companion app is approaching 50,000 downloads, mainly from South America.
And again, the Lord is using this to reach into the furthest corners of the earth. Deep in the jungle of Ecuador lives CELESTINO and his mother. Celestino doesn't know English, but has a phone and internet. He downloaded the app, and engaged further with us. We arranged a meeting at 11:00 a.m. Ecuador time to discuss self baptism, with brother Pedro and Duncan.
When we called him before the meeting to confirm it, he and his mother were walking along a jungle path towards a river.
They had understood the baptism would be at 11:00 a.m.! We continued chatting with him as he walked. He had a very deep and firm commitment to the Lord Jesus. And so brother Ben from USA, Pedro from Florida USA, sister Marianne from Tenerife, Spain, along with Steve Sue from the UK, joined with Duncan from Latvia to witness Celestino's baptism.
The internet kept dropping in and out but we achieved connection. The journey to the river was through beautiful rainforest. Celestino's mother held the phone and we were all able to witness a lovely baptism in an amazingly beautiful setting:
There were smiles all round:
Marianne was sitting on a swing in the playground near her home in north Tenerife, and joined in with her usual enthusiasm:
Whilst brother Pedro, who did so very much for the Spanish app, asked the questions and pronounced the words of baptism:
We were grateful to Pedro's mum for holding the phone so much:
So here we see the movement of the Lord through His Spirit, binding together people from Tenerife, UK, Latvia and both sides of the USA, to assist a man in the jungle of Ecuador to be baptized. This is true fellowship. And it is evidence enough of the Lord's calling out a people for His Name from literally the entire planet. We sense the fulfilment of Mat 24:14 "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a testimony to all the nations- and then shall the end come".

We've been in contact with DAVID for a long time, helping through the mass of false teaching found in standard churchianity- firstly the Trinity, and then the long path through the issues related to Satan etc. David was encouraged to baptize himself after seeing others doing as reported by us on Facebook. He read through all Bible Basics again, and then arranged a time with us to do it in his bath tub. It was again good to have Spanish speaking brothers and sisters present with us as he gave a very good confession of faith and was baptized, and wonderful that sister Maria from Israel was also present and gave him words of encouragement. She knows Spanish and baptized herself recently:
The smiles all around were really a reflection of Heaven's joy:

We continue the feeding scheme here. Everyone is asking when we are going to restart our normal church meetings. We're so happy to see that clearly many have a spiritual hunger as well as need for basic food. Unfortunately the regulations are that such indoors meetings can only be held if everyone is 2 meters apart and wearing masks. It's just not going to be possible to enforce this so we are unlikely to restart them for a long time yet. And there is the very real risk of infection still. So we're planning on just continuing basic feeding at the door for some time yet.

Delighted to tell you of the baptism of AFSHIN, another result of Google advertising of the app in the UK. Our new brother was very expressive of his joy and gratitude for his baptism:


Brother Jim Barton writes:

Carelinks Canada Report on Google Ads success!

A few weeks ago we reported the results of our Google Ad campaigns across Canada with the Bible apps in English, Russian, French, Spanish and Farsi. We began the first English language ad in February and added the other language versions as each one was released since then. The results have been remarkable, likely the single largest production ever for spreading the Christadelphian understanding of the Bible across Canada with a total of nearly 10,000 downloads so far and currently adding hundreds every week. So far, there have been two baptisms and many others now seriously interested and reading the Bible daily with our commentary. Many have asked us to mail them hard copies of Bible Basics and the NEV Bible, which we have done. We've had interest from the remotest parts of Canada- Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories, as well as many small towns and settlements elsewhere where it's doubtful any witness has ever been made.

This has only been possible by donors who lovingly shared their resources to support our mission. To date we’ve spent well over $6,000 to fund this campaign and we hope to sustain it through the summer to take advantage of the spiritual opportunity this pandemic has presented, restricting many to their homes, with less worldly distractions and time to reflect on things eternal.

If this pandemic has not caused you financial hardship and you can help us sustain this worthwhile and timely campaign, then we are very open to your support. Donations can be quickly and easily made on-line through PayPal (https://www.paypal.com/ca/for-you/transfer-money), e-transfer to CarelinksCanada777@gmail.com or simply mail a check to Carelinks Canada at the address on the bottom of this newsletter.

Let’s keep spreading the teachings of Jesus to all who will receive it, while the opportunity is ripe and the need for hope feels greater than ever.

We are planning an all day conference on Saturday, August 22nd God willing on Zoom. Please keep the date free. If you would like to do a short talk, please let us know. It will be a long day, so that despite the time differences, we can have contributions from all over the world- from New Zealand to North America.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For the hundreds of thousands of people now reading Bible Basics
   - For wisdom in our feeding program in Latvia
   - Gratitude for how in some way God is bringing the spreading of the Gospel out of the evil of the pandemic

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks