February 2021 Latvia, Iranians, App, China, Australia

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We're truly grateful that the Lord has chosen to work through the Bible Companion app so much; now we have passed the 1 million downloads mark. That is of all languages, on both Android and iOS together. This is His work in reaching out to the nations. And yet it was through your sharing, funding, advertising and encouragement. As of 15 February 2021, the exact number of downloads was 1,020,211. Let's pray for those reached and for the few hundred thousand regular users of the app worldwide. May it all give glory to the Father and to His dear Son. It's brethren like dear Tim Anderson in Virginia, USA who put up adverts like this, it's obscure people like us who tap the "share" button on the app... who have been used by the Lord to such great effect. Let us keep working together with Him:

We experience around the clock interest from Iranians all over the world, and it is thrilling to see so many coming to the Lord Jesus in spirit and truth. This week we baptized HAMID and are hopeful his wife will soon also be baptized:

Most days, we take food and sometimes firewood out to people- there has been another cold snap, with temperatures down to -28 C. With schools still closed the children are involved with this; this week the more remote sheds we take food to were almost cut off to small cars because of the heavy snowfall. A few tractors and large vehicles had been down those tracks, resulting in the snow mounding up in the middle of the track, making them almost impassable by low clearance cars. We managed to drive with one wheel almost in the ditch and the other on the middle of the track. You can see these and a few other adventures in "A day in the life of a missionary family" at
Most days, between us, we're out there, especially in this Arctic weather. We load up with food, sometimes firewood, sometimes clothes, a sled and some Bibles, and go out to either our baptized brethren or contacts. We use the sled when the car can't get quite as far as is needed:

One wonderful thing about preaching the Gospel is the way that the seeds return after many years. Marcus and John sent lots of Bible calendars to Australian prisons in 2019, and the fruit from that is still being produced. This person writes that they found "bits [notice that- just bits!] of a 2020 calendar laying in the cell" and saw there was an offer of a free NEV Bible. This is typical of how the Lord seems to delight to work, through tracts dropped on the ground, through obscure people and situations:


We probably all wonder what exactly the Covid pandemic is used for in God's purpose. Here's an application for a Bible from Wuhan, where Covid apparently began- and you will see the answer:

   - For those recently baptized
   - Thanksgiving for the amazing blessing on the Bible Companion app
   - For those enduring the cold in Eastern Europe
   - For all those studying the true Gospel with us, from prisons in Australia to app users in China and Iran

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks