October 2023 Australia, Russia, Scotland, UK

We're delighted to report the baptisms of a young couple, ADAM and EMMALISA, in Perth WA. Emmalisa was the daughter of a pastor who only now has turned to the Lord Jesus in spirit and truth. They first encountered us on YouTube. Mark and Lisa were able to baptize them and also record a video of the chats before baptism, it's at
 and concludes with a fellowship meal with them along with brother Rikki, whom Mark recently baptized in his pool. Brother Adam starts waxing eloquent about how wonderful Mark & Lisa are in making all the effort for them, and Lisa replies "We're very ordinary people, I'm a factory worker and my husband is a house painter". And that's it- ordinary people baptizing ordinary people into the Lord Jesus, when churchianity for the most part isn't interested in such folks. There are others coming up for baptism in Perth and not only in Perth but further out in WA. Anyone in WA who'd like to support Mark & Lisa in their efforts- please do stand up and do so. And let's all keep praying for the wonderful outreach the Lord is doing through them at this time not only in Perth but throughout WA.
Here's our new sister with sister Lisa, and with her NEV Bible

This week we were contacted by DANIEL ethnically from North Korea but living in eastern Russia. He had the truest desire to be with the Lord Jesus and to dedicate his life to Him. He baptized himself in his bath tub, offering a wonderful, heart felt prayer to God and the Lord Jesus. He's now in touch with other Russian speaking brethren in Russia. We marvel at the Lord's work in arranging for him to encounter Him, and are so encouraged by his heartfelt response.
Elsewhere in Russia, we can only describe the situation for our brethren as "difficult" from many viewpoints, and ask for your prayers for them. Those of us who remember preaching in the USSR in the 1980s can surely say that now the situation in Russia is far more difficult for true believers than it was then.

Truly God knows His people, and calls them at the right time. In small town central Fife, Scotland, JOHN, a true Scotsman if ever there was, was watching the YouTube videos of our meetings in south London and became persuaded of the Gospel and the need to be baptized. Although he'd been reading the Bible a lot before that, he never felt comfortable somehow with the popular churches. So our approach was exactly what he was looking for. We spent a wonderful time with him at his home and baptized him in cold water in his bath tub, seeing his gas had been cut off, so no hot water from the boiler. And boiling countless kettles full of water would've put the energy bills up again too [we have paid his gas bill so he can have gas and hot water and heating again]. He has such a truly wonderful attitude... if you can decode the very strong Scottish accent, his testimony is in the video at
 We paid for him to get the gas reconnected as the home was cold and no hot water... and his prayer is that his adult children will also be baptized, although in warm water. So do pray for our wonderful new brother and his desire to spread the Gospel. When he said "I do" to his faith in the Gospel of the Kingdom and the things concerning the Lord Jesus... it was so from the heart.

Another full house on Sunday at Croydon church in a pub, sermon on Peter's release from prison and how actually God and Jesus are present in our lives, at
 Then afterwards a group came back for the baptism of SOFIA, sister in law of brother Amin whom we baptized eight years ago in Cardiff, Wales. Video of the baptism at
It was a really emotional baptism, reflecting how much our sister appreciated what she was doing- as you can see from the video. Brother Amin was baptized by us in Cardiff, Wales but we lost contact soon afterwards; then just recently he sent the following message of appreciation, having held his faith and grown in it all those years. And all those years keeping his baptism photo on his phones, which he shared with us:
And he has now brought his wife and sister in law to the Lord in spirit and truth. It really is a case of casting our bread upon the waters, and finding it after many days. We find this so often- that those baptized who go apparently quiet are not necessarily lost to the Lord but often are still with Him. We shall meet in the Kingdom even if we don't always have regular contact in this life.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For Mark and Lisa's efforts in Western Australia
   - For our work in Latvia and the Baltics this week
   - For our brethren in Russia, in many ways materially and spiritually

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks