November 2023 Italy, UK

We've had some wonderful interactions online with a great lady in Italy who earnestly wants to be baptized. Lord willing, we plan to visit her soon to baptize her- do pray for her. It's always so thrilling to see someone join the dots and see the glorious picture of God's Truth. In her case, this involved a total separation from the Catholic church, in which she had been brought up and spent many years. She's already attended our meetings online, and has gone to the beach near her and scoped it out for a sea baptism. Do pray for her!

Thanks all who attend or engage online with Croydon Church in a Pub, special welcome to the new faces this week, especially sister Lois Vandenberg from Canada serving with us for the next 2 weeks Lord willing. Sermon on 1 Samuel 25, David and Abigail, knowing yourself, searching your motives,
 And then afterwards what a happy time we had baptizing STEVE and CARMEL. Great testimony from Steve, that he's illiterate and has chronic dyslexia but when he tried to read the Bible, he found he was able to. Such a delight to see the Lord's work in the lives of this couple. God bless them further. In the photos you can see Carmel readjusting her mascara after the baptism, ready for the new life; and great hugs and congratulations from sister Raquelle, who was baptized at the Summer Garden Party. And also sister Lois from Canada starting her service amongst us in the kitchen. We praise the Lord Jesus for His ongoing work.
This week we also went to Yorkshire and baptized CHRIS. We asked him how he as a young secular British guy would be so switched on for Jesus and want baptism. Said he was engaged to be married but went to her place one evening, it was a ground floor flat, and found her having sex with another guy and watched it through a window for a bit before breaking them up. This traumatized him... and after that he searched for a true relationship and concluded it must only be Jesus. Read the Bible a lot and figured out a lot of stuff. So again... another man comes to the Lord in spirit and in truth, having first encountered us watching our videos from Croydon Church in a Pub. The Lord certainly works in all manner of various ways to bring men to Himself, and we marvel at it.
   - For those recently baptized
   - For our work in Italy this week
   - For all those struggling with addictions
   - For those thinking of baptism but who [wrongly] consider themselves unworthy
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks