December 2021 Afghanistan, Australia, Cameroon, Iran, Israel, Kenya, UK, USA

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Folks seem to like the virtual tours of Israel... God willing there's another one planned with Aharon on 19th December 2021, a virtual tour of the sea of Galilee. See more info at

We have meetings daily online with contacts and brethren here in this troubled and suffering land, and this week baptized ALI online.

Met up with brother Jared in Bathurst, rural NSW, to distribute our literature. It was very slow going, and we were up against the problem of self satisfied middle class country town mentalities. But we did meet two Iranians [they really do get everywhere if they are even in Bathurst NSW] and passed out quite a number of NEV New Testaments to various folks who were willing to do as we asked them on the street, and give the Bible and the Lord Jesus at least a try.
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It's also been lovely to have those recenly baptized in Australia online with us at the weekly Zoom breaking of bread.

We're happy to tell you of the baptism of JARROD. He works at sea but was home on leave in ACT; and for a long time he's been using the Bible Companion app. He downloaded it as a secular man out at sea who was seeking God and thought he'd like to read the Bible. And he is now deeply convinced of the Lord Jesus. So it was a joy to baptize him in a delightful location just south of Canberra, yet another secular man from no religious background who accepted that the hole in his heart could only be filled by the things of God, of the Lord Jesus, and their word in the Bible. This is true conversion from darkness to light.

Brother Craig sent us this report, more fruit of the tireless work he and Miriam are doing online in Francophone Africa:

We reported recently that bro Wilfried had been preaching in Cameroon using the brochures that Carelinks had printed for him. He visited a number of villages on his travels that have no internet coverage, one in particular stayed in his mind, as on the return journey the motorbike he was using ran out of petrol, and he and the brother with him had to push the motorbike 12KM's to the nearest petrol station. Yesterday evening (Tues) four ladies arrived in Wilfried's village, one was holding a copy of our brochure that Wilfried had handed out and they were asking where Wilfried lived. He was informed of their arrival and so went to meet them. They went back to his house where he gave them refreshments after their long journey and then he preached the gospel to them. They then decided to stay overnight in the village so they could hear more of Wilfried's preaching the next day. They started their studies at 5.00am and, after discussing the Gospel for over fours hours, they stopped to have a meal which Wilfried's neighbours had kindly prepared for them. Wilfried is planning a trip to their village to further expound the Gospel. It is very uplifting and encouraging to see the response to our brother's enthusiastic preaching efforts in Cameroon. Please remember him and those he is contact with in your prayers. If you would like to support this work please send your donations to either Steve Gretton in the UK of Jim Barton in Canada.

This week we baptized JAWAD and then MAHDI online. We continue to get so much interest from Iranians worldwide, messages like these:

Our new brethren in Israel continue attending our breaking of bread meetings every Saturday [Sabbath, their only day off] and contribute in a very mature spiritual way. We have now found a company in Israel to provide them with warm clothes, which will save a lot of difficulty with import duties and freight. More news next week GW.

We had the baptism of MOFFAT online this week, although bandwidth was so low we had to resort to using voice rather than video. Again, more fruit from the Bible app.

This week we had the online baptism of YAKOB, a contact of our brethren who run a fruit and veg store in London whom we mentioned previously. Really wonderful to see them witnessing in daily life to the large Kurdish and Persian speaking community who come to their shop.

As we send this out, we are so heartbroken at the news from the small town of Mayfield KY today- the town levelled by tornadoes. Our beloved Brett and Misty are there, along with their wider family who are also believers in the Truth. Misty bravely came out to work at the soup kitchen in Latvia a couple of years ago. They are safe and Misty says their property was some kind of miraculously preserved although they are without power, but let us unite in prayer for them all. News is coming in as this message goes out. Misty says it's just amazing, Crystal's place is standing undamaged when the entire rest of the hit. the situation in the town is awful as most of it was levelled and trash everywhere. It's a really small place and was right in the eye of the storm. So we do thank God for preserving our dear ones and their homes but let us unite in prayer for them and stand ready to help.

   - For our dear ones in Mayfield KY USA
   - For those recently baptized
   - For those of our dear ones struggling with Covid
   - For our brethren and their families in Russia and Ukraine amidst the very tense situation and war footing

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks