March 2024 Australia, Ukraine, UK, USA

Yet more good news from Mark & Lisa's work in WA. DANIEL was baptized at sister Jocelyn's home at Kellerberrin, she's Lisa's mum. We marvel at how the truth of the Lord Jesus is finding placement in the hearts of people in rural WA, clearly the Lord works with those willing to be His seekers and finders to bring His people to Himself:
As we were going to press last week, we asked for your prayers for Mark and Lisa on a long drive into the outback, in sizzling temperatures. We're delighted to say it went well and they got back safely, having baptized JACOB, whose father also came along to witness. He lives 40 km off any asphalt road and the nearest settlement. The real outback of WA. Here's Lisa taking rest in the shade in the brutal heat, and Mark... well... caption would be, absolutely anyone anywhere wanting to be baptized in WA, we're coming for you... in His strength. So, praying for Mark and Lisa in their missionary journeys and amazing efforts there in the bush of WA as well as in Perth.

Let's not forget the sufferings and situation of our dear ones in Ukraine. The Gospel is spreading still, to those with really very little else left to turn to. You could pray for Tatyana, who is delighted to study the Bible with our assistance and wants to be baptized. That will be an item for our next trip out there Lord willing, and we repeat brother Mark's appeal for anyone fancying a trip to Ukraine to get in touch with us.
We shared photos of sister Vita on our visit earlier this year- cold, depressed, inadequately clothed. But just have a look at these before and after photos- now, thanks to your support, she has warmer clothes, medical attention, and the Lord's amazing influence in her life. You can see her and sister Nina collecting some funds we sent from a bank machine [and as you can see, it's still quite cold there]. We thank the Lord for His ceaseless work in the lives and hearts of His people and it's an honour to be His mechanism for it:
January 2024 [in red jacket]:
March 2024:
Another follower of pub church videos is FRANK who has been intensely reading the Bible, praying and searching for the Lord in spirit and truth for a long time. On that long journey he had passed through and seen through churchianity. An orphan, he thought he had it all when he got married and had four children. But his wife left him, he kept the children and raised them, one child died from heart complications... and the terrible situation led him closer to God and not away from Him. His children have done well, at university etc., he's been a good man and a good dad, and God has blessed him with His Truth. He's fairly shy and didn't want any photos, but again, what a lovely man just waiting for contact with folks like us to help him take that step of baptism. So again we have confirmed the impression that there are very many people throughout the UK who are seriously looking for the Lord, but they are disillusioned with the churches and now in our online world are very grateful for simple, straight up, direct Bible teaching delivered in the context of something non threatening and obviously inclusive like "Church in a Pub".
And then we baptized RUTH. Wow what a sincere, spiritually minded baptism. One of those when you think your whole life was worth it just for this moment. Ruth is sister Shanise's mum, and what a fine lady. Yes, intelligent, retired, middle class, ex college lecturer, all of which on one hand is irrelevant but it was indeed part of her path... but what a life, what a path, to this point of wanting baptism in spirit and truth into the Lord Jesus. Truly the Angels were rejoicing in Heaven as she came up out of her bath tub. We certainly were rejoicing with them and shaking our heads in wonder at the Lord's ways and saving grace.
A heads up: Lord willing, we plan a small conference in the Chesapeake / Virginia Beach VA area on Saturday 13 April. Details forthcoming.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For those wanting to be baptized in difficult situations and locations
   - For those struggling with false guilt and unworthiness about being baptized
   - For Mark & Lisa's amazingly blessed work in Western Australia
   - For our dear ones in Ukraine
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks