May - August 2013

EDITORIAL: A Prayer to Pray


We need to remember to be very careful about possibly identifying contacts as Christians in this anti-Christian area, as it could cause them serious problems.

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A Prayer to Pray
Resettlement Of Our Refugee Brethren Our Thoughts Concerning Them At This Time Sis Esther Worrell (Canada)
Searching For God Gideon Timothy Hankomone (Mazabuka, Zambia)
Forgiving Others Bro. Itai Tembo (Sanyati, Zimbabwe.)
The Truth Versus Apostacy Bro. Friday Enyiogu (Ikwueke, Oboro.)
We Must Give Our Lives More Meaning Bro. Moses Komanya (Kidatu, Tanzania.)
Old Ways Are Best Bro. Fanuel Mawodzeka (Guruve, Zimbabwe.)
Patience And Its Work Bro. Stephen Siamabi (Lusaka, Zambia.)
I'M TO BLAME Bro. Gift Lungu (Chinhoyi Zimbabwe.)
A Measure Of Faith Bro. Itai Tembo (Sanyati, Zimbabwe.)
Eternal Security Bro. Gideon Hankomone (Mazabuka, Zambia.)
Spiritual Stalwarts Bro. Itai Tembo (Chegutu, Zimbabwe.)
Mary Of Magdala Bro. Gideon Hankomone, (Mazabuka, Zambia.)
Rely Upon The Lord Bro. Francis Odiko (Subri, Ghana.)
Deaf And Sick People
Feeding Scheme & Winter Welfare Project In Latvia
Chewing the Cud Bro Philip Chilambwe (Kitwe, Zambia)
God, the Author of the Bible Bro Herbert Tigerebasi (Lusaka, Zambia)
Live Down False Accusations (1Peter 2:12; 3:16) Bro Henderson Sosola (Mtenthela, Malawi)
The Test of Discipleship Fibion Ngozi (Banket, Zimbabwe)
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty (2Corinthians 3:17) Bro. Francis Kotei (Odiko, Subri, Ghana.)
Jesus Heals Sis Cindy Heaster