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We are all OK here in Kinshasa Ecclesia in spite of all the problem. Last month I went to Mbandaka over 700 KM way, to visit our friends who are learning the gospel in that area. There are many there who are seriously interested in the Truth, it was very nice to see peoples enthusiasm to accept the Gospel. There are four Brethren in the area.


Photos Bro Kims preaching and with the children

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The Bible is the Word of God which was written by the prophets and apostles by God's power. (2 Tim. 3:15-17) By reading the Bible, we can gain great knowledge of God Himself, His Son, Jesus Christ, and His Kingdom.

In Psalm 119:105 God's Word is the true guide for everything and is the light for our eyes to help us work for wisdom. In the book of James 1:5 we are told to pray for wisdom to understand the Word, and in Isaiah 66:2 we read that God has said He will `look on him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at my Word.'

--Bro. Patrick Wekesa

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Through the book you gave me some years ago, `Where there is no Doctor,' I realized that there was a problem with my prostate gland. I started treatment at our local Hospital for enlarged Prostate for more than two years, but the treatment only reduced the pains, which returned.

Early last year I was introduced to Hunchun Capsules and Doxycycline Capsules. By the grace of the Almighty, I am now able to control my bladder and its function is normal.

Concerning the request for old Gospel News magazines and the Gospel Pioneer, my copies were destroyed when the storm ripped off the roof of my house and almost all my books were soaked in the rain. The parcel has been received with much gratitude.

--Bro. Francis Kotei Odiko

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I appreciate the gift you sent to me plus a CD and Middle East updates, with a handsome volume, "Women in Jesus' Life". This book is very important to me and other brethren in Kenya, in fact your help to us is very great. I also thank you for the revision studies which I have distributed to brothers and sisters in my area for them to use as a weapon to Christendom astray. You have really uplifted our skills of preaching, please keep it up. Thanks for the addresses of "Meal a Day" and

"Agape in Acton", I am soon going to write to them. We have manyf widows who are leaders in various groups.

--Bro. Martin Barasa


Greetings from your beloved brothers and sisters. We hereby announce the death of our elderly sister Norah Mafula, who was 106 years old last December. We also report the following that were born spiritually also on 30th December 2012 as follows: Lilian Mutabati, Joan Simiyu, Christopher Simiyu, Herbert Sitati. Brenda Mansitra. Juliet Mutbasi, John Kthenba and Carolyne Wamaluma; may the Lord keep them on the way to His Kingdom. They were baptised on that day.

We in Kenya are looking forward to the election on 4th March 2013 and praying that we may have peace so that we may not have that violence that we had at the last election when some people were dispersed.

I will not forget to thank you for the CD you sent me, The Real Devil, I received. May God be with you as we wait for our Lord to come.

--Bro. Boniface Juma

Ndugu Wa Christo Ecclesia in Bungoma


We are always thankful for the steady supply of Bible literature you send to us. I think that "The Real Devil" is the hardest subject we find in our study. It is very topical and so it will be helping us

greatly during our Bible discussion, especially with people in the neighbourhood. As a result many will learn the truth and so flock to our faith.

We have come to learn that the postal costs are increasing tremendously, which means you have to combine two magazines into one to cut down the expense.

The European Version Bibles you sent to us have really made preaching very clear and easy owing to the commentary. On the other hand it would have been much better if some references were put on each page. I had a visitor home to discuss about the Kingdom of God in the future and after going through my Bible he demanded that I should sell it to him, but I said I would request a copy from you. He keeps calling me on the phone asking me if I have received it, but I say not yet. Please send a copy to me for him.

--Bro. Manasseh and Sis. Dorcas Wamamili

Bro. Manasseh Wamamili working on steel for bread winning.

Raphine, Bro and Sis. Wamamili's fourth baby girl.


I have been completely down with a malaria outbreak. My prayer is now that I will be able (God Willing) to put up a poultry project plus fish farming. We are on the verge of election fever once again and seriously need your prayers as this issue of Hague Matteu is still haunting Kenya personalities.

--Bro. Jacob Okotti


Thank you very much for remembering me by sending me the Bible Course which I have enjoyed very much by discovering a great deal about God's Word and I hope you will send me more and also a Bible which I do not have. I had believed that we would be rewarded in heaven but now I discover this was wrong and not Biblical.

--Sis. Beth Naliaka


After going through the Gospel News I have a few comments. I did appreciate the coloured photos to show the activities of brothers and sisters witnessing the Truth. We also support Gospel News in their efforts to reach the brothers and sisters in the world.

I have spent the last two years studying the word "heart". Sin comes from within the heart of man, the word "heart" involves the mind, our thought. Whenever I come to read from my daily Bible Companion I mark the word "heart". The "heart" of man actually reveals the mind of human nature, the thoughts. Prov.18:21. Beware of poison thoughts, they can kill you. From our thoughts (heart) come good vs. evil, hate vs. love, success vs. failure, win vs. lose.

The God of the Bible is holy, immortal and invisible. The King Eternal is one, our Heavenly Father, Creator of heaven and earth, the God of love, mercy, full of grace and abundant love without measure. The reason why we do not work or live in harmony with God is very clearly shown from the beginning of our first parents. God expects respect and wants us to fear, obey and listen to Him and keep His commandments, for this is the purpose for creating us in His image. The moment our mind, thought, heart, thinks of pleasing ourselves that relationship is broken and the punishment of death comes in. Jesus Christ of Nazareth won the victory over sin and death by doing the will of God. He died and after three days was raised back to life and given immortality.

The book of Genesis ch. 4 reveals how the sons of Adam, Cain and Abel were tested in their relationship with God. Cain was rejected because of evil thoughts in his mind, he murdered his brother Abel who had the righteous mind of God. Heb.11:4, 1 John 3:11,12. Beware of poisonous thoughts. Let us put God's mind in our hearts.

We must go back to God with all our mind and heart if we want to get our life back, Job 11:13. Job experienced human sufferings but was commanded to prepare his heart to God. We also must learn this lesson from our Lord Jesus of Nazareth who did the Will of God, died on the cross, suffered and finally won the victory over sin and death.

John Owalo Onani on 21 August 1975 decided to believe the Gospel to save his life from the corruption of the mind and body. Please make your decision whom to serve, the God of Israel or Baal, whether you have the mind of Adam or Cain or the mind of Jesus of Nazareth or Abel. Jeremiah 21:8, Deut 30:15-19, Joshua 24:15, 1 Kings 18:21. Remember the three steps to salvation ­ Belief, Baptism, Obedience. Unless we accept the Truth with all our heart we shall perish ­ no hope of life beyond the grave.

--Bro. John Owalo Onani


We need some more Bibles, 12 full copies please, as we have many youths in our ecclesia without Bibles.

--Bro. Martin Chemiati


Please brother, it is a humble request that if you can get some more copies of the NEV Bible kindly please send them to us as there are 12 brothers and sisters who are in need of one and also thirteen friends who are currently in the class for baptism for this year.

--Bro. Boniface Juma


I am learning much from the pamphlets concerning Israel and its surrounding countries. Let me say that you did a very important act in enclosing the DVD of "The Real Devil" and I am sorry to inform you that a brother took it and he just told me to ask you for one. He had watched it somewhere at one of our brothers who is far from me and said that it was very interesting with good teachings.

Bible Basics are much needed. At Mwanga Ecclesia we have many good English readers who can understand the book. I had asked you for a few Swahili Bible Basics if you have a stock of them. There is also "Wrested Scriptures" the one on hard passages from the Bible.

--Bro. Edward N. Kunikina


Recently we managed to change our postal address to 138-50211 Naitiri. This is personal and very close. In case of sending anything, this is the right box and it won't take long for me to reach it. I have started a small? and it is doing quite well. I have started with ten hours and after another two months I hope and expect to join the higher Institution.

--Bro. Nasongo Haron

Bro. Nasongo Haron

The work you are doing is very interesting and it helped me convert some people you saw on the previous photo I sent. Those are my converts and they understand the Word of God very well because we can't be good without God's Word. So, brothers, first and foremost could you please help me with a New European Version of the Bible.

--Bro. Kevin Simiyu


Thank you for your tireless efforts. Up to now the Australian government has not given me a visa that I applied for in 2006, despite still communicating with them. Instead they are only offering a tourist or visit visa that cannot allow me to work and live there. I have spoken to certain Christadelphians in Sydney and Brisbane and they agreed to accommodate me while I look for employment. Our outgoing President is an economist, but for the last ten years he has been in office the economy has not grown by as big a margin as expected and unemployment still remains a big challenge.

We have seen the number of baptised brethren and sisters going up annually. We thank God for that for we are living in the last days and Jesus can come at any time, because the Holy Bible says that even the angels in heaven know not the hour. You remember how you and I translated the book "What is the Gospel?" into Luhya language? Now the copies are out of stock and I am sending you the last copy for a reprint. Some brethren and sisters in Western Kenya have not received them. I am also now translating it into Luo and later into Kikuyu, Kiswahili etc. God Willing.

--Bro. Samuel Wanga Watako

Bro Samuel Wanga with his Bible.


Please kindly consider supporting us with at least six copies of the NEV Bible since we want to place at least three copies in a nearby Secondary School with 450 students, twenty teachers and several support staff. We have had Bible discussions with them and more so with the so called Christian Union members. Thank you for sending me the address of the one to direct my enquiry whenever I want Bible leaflets and pamphlets for distribution to friends.

--Bro. Raphael Joni Aimo


I was very pleased to receive the articles that you sent to me, I got the booklet on the Bible and magazines, also the CD on the Devil. It has created a point of discussion because a friend of mine who has a gadget played it or me, and then we had a good discussion about it.

Furthermore I will not go without informing you that the Lord has opened for me ways to join a college, just as you quoted that our Lord has all the resources. My ecclesia at Okumbo managed to raise some money for my fees and I added some, which has enabled me to finish my first Semester, so for the second, the third and the last I call for prayers from brothers and sisters throughout the world, and I do request you to call my name while praying.

--Bro. Mark G.O. Juma


I received Gospel News and the movie on the real devil. I am very thankful for them and I wish to continue receiving such. What is needed perhaps is to get most of our goals set and achieved despite confrontation from forces all around us. Paul said, "For what I want to do I do not, but what I hate I do." This is defeat but we should keep praying. God has given us guidance in the Bible to enrich us daily, 1 Tim.5:3-15. Paul gives us good reminders of our daily duty so we should not ignore them.

--Bro. Linus Onyango


The wages of sin is death. Regardless of what it is, every sin has to be judged before God and the judgement for all sins bring death. In order to atone for all sins the people of Israel had to offer a sheep without blemish before God. Therefore God prepared the lamb to deliver all people from their sins.

--Bro. Benjamin Mwatu


It is with great pleasure that I write to say that I received the DVD of "The Real Devil". This has aroused my curiosity over who the Devil is and strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ.

I wish to request you for assistance for our Sunday School members who are in dire need of various Sunday School learning materials and charts.

--Sis. Beatrice Naliaka

Sis. Beatrice leading a sisters' Bible study session at Turbo.

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I have heard that you have been very busy because you have been making some preaching items for DVD and disc. These issues are very interesting and I will pray with you that everything you need will be ok. with strength from God. I want to request that if it is possible you send us a DVD and disc to improve our belief of God and His Son through that message. Secondly, we also need some more Bibles as many people have already been baptised so they need a Bible to read.

--Bro. Harry Beniton


Here we are all well. I forgot in my previous letter to ask you to send me copies of Bible Basics in Chichewa. I find it difficult to introduce the truth to somebody who can't read English and then later on when I make a follow up there is nothing he has done in between. I think Chichewa Bible Basics will help as in my absence they can read it. At the follow up time then I will know how much he has read and discussions afterwards will be fruitful. I have several copies in English but they are only helpful to those who can read English and most of my contacts are not able to do this.

--Bro. Thomas Muleso


Gospel News is indeed very educative and spiritually satisfying. Every time we learn about what is happening to our brothers and sisters in other countries. I am also pleased to report that I got the DVD with all the spiritual materials and I am sure the materials will go a long way in uplifting our spiritual lives

It my prayer and wish that the good Lord will reserve enough energy and good health for you, so that you can accomplish more. May God intercede for you as you intercede for others. Thanks to brothers Duncan and John who are untiringly putting together these materials. I am also indebted to brothers Leonard and Austin in Malawi who are devoting SO much of their time to the work of God.

--Bro Esau C Chirwa


The Almighty Father be praised greatly for preserving us with life. Only the living can give praise to God for the dead know nothing, all their plans perish with them. What is the greatest treasure for man? Is it the abundance of what he possesses in this life? Hey! Consider Jesus' parable of the ground of a certain rich man which brought forth plentifully. And so the owner thought that having enough of life's desires he had longer time to relax. The man thought he was clever but the Lord pronounced him a fool, because the next day the man was no more. So treasure in this life can do us no good if we happen to lose life. Warning: labouring in order to please ourselves won't help but if we labour by denying life's desires, the end result ­ eternal life, which is the greatest treasure for man, and of the two, man has the choice.

How sad it is that life's desires have led many to walk not in the narrow path which is the gateway to real life.

--Bro. Sylvester Tembo I would like to thank you for providing me with a disc and the Gospel News. I still wait for more good and new things to happen to me and may God keep blessing you. If there is another opportunity of having another copy of Bible Basics please let me have one.

--Bro. Dutch Mphayah


Many thanks for the DVD containing the movie "The Real Devil", which I found helpful in preaching, plus study on a difficult subject. Many people who watched this disc with me are asking for one so if there are any more please send some, of a higher quality if possible.

I would like to thank all brethren and sisters who contribute articles to Gospel News as they are

very educative, so keep on contributing so that the magazine can continue. Last year in my area there was no rain but strong winds blowing heavily leaving houses with no roofs and other families homeless. This year there is hunger, but one good thing is that the rains in my area have started very well and the crops, cassava and rice, are promising. God cares.

--Bro. Joel Singini


This is to acknowledge receipt of the NEV Bible and the DVD "The Real Devil". From a couple of articles in the Gospel News Sept-Dec 2012 I understand that you have printed a Chichewa version of Bible Basics. I have access to two ecclesias which would benefit from reading the book in their tongue, seeing that most members don't possess Bibles. You may decide on the quantity to send depending on how much postage the CAT can afford to spend.

--Bro. Ignatius A.G. Maluwa

Bro Ignatius with tea plantation in the background

We are now experiencing good rains and if God wishes it to be consistent then we will, in the near future, have a bumper harvest. However, it accompanies heavy storms which cause flooding and washing away of crops including demolition of houses in other areas. The other problem is that, during the months when we usually receive rains here in Malawi most people run out of domestic staple food which is maize, not enough to feed their families until harvesting time.

Lastly, the teaching is going well and the people show zeal and keen interest to hear the truth of the Bible.

--Bro. Austin Frank Nyirenda


Bro. Miles' booklet was very much appreciated. Bibles are needed to match Bible Basics. Jesus' return looks imminent, which will result, by His grace, in our salvation and eventually peace and goodwill in all the world ­ it just cannot come quickly enough.

Warm greetings of love and peace are sent to all brethren and sisters.

--Bro. Lukanga Nyomiro


Our Ecclesia in the Nkhotakota region were thrilled to see a picture of some of us on the front page of the last Gospel News.

We endeavour to spread the Gospel throughout the area, but it is not easy going, but Jesus is with us in our humble endeavours and the glorious message of the Gospel is furthered.

When Jesus was on earth although he had no territory, they called him a King. He never went to medical college, yet they called him a healer. He had never gone to a Bible college, yet they called him a teacher. Yet, the people of those days wanted to continue in their sins and refusing to recognize him, crucified him with the thieves.

In spite of their killing him, he rose from the dead and is still with us today. We are so honoured to have such a Leader, who has loved us and given us

the sure hope of eternal life. If we do not forgive one another, we are sure going to lose this eternal life and perish.

--Bro Leonard Chaunga

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Health and Blessing in the Name of Our Savior Jesus Christ who will return as promised 2,000 years ago. It will be a greatest event undreamed of man. Let us watch and pray less we are taken by surprised!

Thank you for the e-mail which is uplifting and encouraging. Your team are doing a wonderful work in propagating the seeds throughout the world. We pray that the truth will germinate in healthy baptism. Thank you for the Gospel News magazine which I read with interest. Many students of the NEV Bible are expressing a positive approach to the great event undreamed of by man - the future Kingdom of God. There will be no more death, or illness, or man-made chaotic existence. There are injustices to be put right and reprieves to be given.

Let us watch and pray constantly! We yearn for the time of redemption when we shall see the Lord's face in glory as the disciples saw him 2,000 years ago.

--Bro. Lilkan Ancharaz

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With love we are happy to report the baptism of Brother Porish Maugente, the son of the undersigned, Brother Filipe Sabai Feli, Sisters Felisberta Meque, Francises Sosinta, Hasvinei Takeseire, Aurola Sabao, Acelia Correia, Helena Gimo, Wengai Abilio, Tina Adolfo Ines, and one student from Malawi, Bro. Matemba.

We pray for God's blessing to be on them, and look forward to their company and fellowship in our walk to the Kingdom.

--Bro. Emmanuel Maugente

Bro Maugente fourth from right in white shirt with some of the 7,500 (yes, seven thousand five hundred!) Brethren and Sisters in Mozambique

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I am writing to inform you that our Radio Programme, "Tagged" PREACHING THE TRUTH is gaining ground from the religious public. People are responding massively after listening to the Radio preaching and upon this, ten people have been immersed since its inception a few years ago.

Therefore, I am requesting you to please send the following materials: Ten copies each of Bible Basics, NEV Bible's and some quantities of colourful pamphlets on different topics. These will enable the gospel committee to meet its demand and challenges in the eastern states of Nigeria. I am always appreciative of your usual kindness, and I look forward to hearing from you.

--Bro. Gabriel Alaribe.


I want to thank God Almighty for letting us be among the living ones. We give Him the glory and adoration for His love to us. As the time goes on, there is much unhappiness ­ which is the fulfilment of Bible prophecies towards the return of Jesus. There are wars, violence, kingdoms against kingdoms, earthquakes, etc which today are all over the world with different names. Those in Nigeria are Boko Hara, in Mali Alshabab, Al Quaida,

and there are many more names. All are heralding the return of our Master. May he find his servants worthy at his return. As we know, he is the coming king over the whole world. He will be the Judge and reward his faithful ones. I need some books: The Bible Basic Study Manual and The Bible and Islam

--Bro Rukpu U Isa'ac

I greet you in the wonderful hope of Israel we all share. I am well today, only things are very hard here, but with the constant hope that the Master will soon be here to console all who wait for him. Nothing makes me more happy than when I hear from you or read from brethren. In fact, it has straightened me a lot in this isolation of mine, but I strain a lot to see the truth build up here. I am strongly appealing for more literature to teach others on the crisis of the last days, like devastating earthquakes or floods, and books that teach on Daniel. I need such help for the compound/ community schools and the preaching on which I am about to embark. I am highly in need of the books The Real Devil, How to Grow a Balanced Diet, Living with Alcoholism. The letters you sent to me are all well understood; once again thanks so much. As it is written, he hath dispersed abroad, he hath given to the poor, his righteousness remaineth for all.

Many years ago I lived my life and preached as a pastor to people about what is not on the agenda of God: heaven going and hell fire - from the Mennonite church to the real Bible church, and I thank God that I am alive today and happy to receive the gospel truth. But I would like to give to the Lord and to Duncan, to all, a thousand thanks for helping me in so many ways: the materials, the study books which have not let me be lonely or bored in isolation. Yes, they have been a great blessing and knowledge of the real word of God. For this I give you many thanks. . God bless you, continue harvesting souls.

--Bro Uka Egwu

Bro Uka Egwu coaching his team for the State Shell Cup Final


I'm so happy to hear from you as I was looking to hear from you, and for some books I asked you to send me like Wrested Scriptures, the Reading Plan and other books written by Duncan Heaster. If you can please help by increasing the quantity of books like Gospel News, Bible Basics in English, French, German and Igbo.

--Bro Blessing Nwigwe


Being young in the faith and new to the Christadelphian family, as I was baptized two years ago, I am affiliated to the Lagos ecclesia, but presently in isolation because of my medical studies at the University in Ibadan. Despite the lack of regular periodicals and regular fellowship, I have a continued need to keep learning and living the truths of God's word and to be fully aware of the subtle errors in Christendom ­ so as one can avoid the mistaken views and ideas of sincere but fallible people. I try reading over and over again any available articles that I have received from you.

I really appreciate your kind support and your prayer support, so as to keep standing on the truths of God's word in the face of intense oppositions from family and other present challenges with medical school needs and my

evangelical family's opposition to my faith. My siblings and my family are not happy that I have embraced the Christadelphian faith, and it has not been easy trying to explain things and maintain my beliefs in the Bible truths that I have seen within our community. Honestly, it has not been easy at all as they treat me as an heretic who has disowned my previous faith.

Bro Timothy Temilola


I am extremely grateful for the Bible Basics you sent to me. It has gone further to enlighten me in the areas where I had hazy ideas or no ideas at all. The personality of God I did not know much about. The book is great in making a believer understand the true picture of the Almighty God. I thank you so much. My interest in reading the Bible on a daily basis has been heightened. I do understand most of the things I read. I have just taken delivery of the current Gospel News magazine and the DVD enclosed, although I encountered some problems playing it due to the fact that I haven't the correct gadget for playing it.

This year 2013 I have resolved to add more time to my reading the Word. The situation in which I found myself could only be allayed by the knowledge of God. I strive not only to read but also to do the bidding of God through the directives of Jesus Christ. The editorial in Gospel News "Fragile", the sub-section "Back to the Bible" was a real pointer to rekindle me towards the daily reading of the Word. All I ask the Almighty God is to help me to be a doer and not only a reader. Except for my daily reading of the Bible and other Bible- based literature I should have felt that my situation is the most hopeless. The Word has consoled me and made me look beyond my present difficulties. God is great and will be ever merciful to those who worship Him in spirit and truth.

--Bro Iheanacho Iherjirika


Alozie Okoro in water baptism by Bro Johnson Uwasomba

Members of Okwe Oboro Ecclesia, Abia State.


I, Brother Effiong and my wife, Sister Glory Effiong, and young Ben, study in the Bible Basic course. We found it to be very useful to us. There are some people living far away from us who cannot study together in our ecclesia and I feel they need some Bible Basics and complete Bibles to be given to them for their studies. These people are preparing for baptism. "The Real Devil" is very useful to us. I

would like you to explain or send literature. One of the topics that disturbs most Christadelphians here is paying tithes: is it right to pay tithes? Explain also the passages of scripture Matthew 23:23 and Malachi 3:8-11.

However, on the whole I thank God and our Lord Jesus Christ for the hope of eternal life and the resurrection about which he assures us.

--Bro Adolphe Effiong

Bro Adolphe and Sis Glory doing the readings with their young son, Ben


As I wrote before, I have six brothers in Ikwueke Ecclesia requesting the wonderful new European Version Bible. I pray thee not to forget your promises as I wait to receive the new coming printings. The Almighty Father worked so marvellously when I underwent a hernia operation a few months ago.

--Bro Friday Enyiogu

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We had 30 attend the Youth Camp in December (Kabelo & Thokolo & also Noncebo). The photos prove that they had a whale of a time! They had 3 study sessions per day interspersed with lots of time for swimming & playing all sorts of sports/ games.

Bro Ron Cowie (East Torrens Aus) spoke on `Job - Coming forth as purged gold' to a hall filled with friends, youth & members of all our Gauteng ecclesia's. We had a wonderful evening of fellowship followed by, over an hour of fellowship over tea, coffee & cookies.


The year started with a bumper crop of new students at a fraternal/seminar led by Bro Ron Cowie; which included visitors from our Gauteng Ecclesias. Somehow 54 crammed into our little classroom, happily without any casualties! Bro Ron's excellent studies on Enoch and Lot, kept everyone riveted to their seats. Sunday continued with the ministrations of Bro Ron & Sis Lynn. To the delight of all...a great weekend to kick off 2013!

We rejoiced with the angels in heaven this month as we huddled under umbrellas and witnessed the Baptism of our new Sis Winnie Mokoena, amid gentle rain and in chilly waters. Sis Paddy had met Sis Winnie in Randburg, 18 months ago, at a choir concert in the retirement village where Sis Winnie works as a receptionist. Proof that a word in season can bring rejoicing in heaven. Our prayer is that she keeps strong in faith as she journeys with us to God's glorious

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I do appreciate it when I receive your news concerning Israel and the world today. The eyes of the world are again on Israel and her enemies, and we rejoice in the fact that all these signs are heralding the soon return of the Lord Jesus to the earth and establishing the kingdom of God.

Some brothers and sisters are ready to return to our homeland but find life very difficult after 16 years in the camp without anything, they ask for any support for them.

--Bro Daniel Sabuni

We are very happy that our Brother Gidion Moses Komanya, my first son, who was not in fellowship for five years, is now back. We are sure angels sing, praising the Lord with us. So we ask all brothers and sisters worldwide to pray for him that he will not go out of our ways again.

--Bro Moses Komanya

We are OK here in Tanzania, although we have our problems. There is food shortage as our crops are drying with the sun. The food in the market is at a very high price. This is one of many signals for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here in Tanzania, we are doing well with our activities in preaching the gospel.

--Bro Joseph Kaliyaya


Thank you for the parcel you sent me. It is more valuable than ever. I am enjoying it while expanding my Bible knowledge. This includes a teaching textbook.

We are in a very critical situation in our country Tanzania. Moslems are now cutting the throats of Christians, leaving them for dead, and demolishing Christians' Praying Hall "Churches". I really fail to understand this, especially when I think of our past history. We are totally upset by these faithless people. We continue praying so that the Almighty may save us from these incidents.

Continue sending me soul-building and reinforcing materials.

--Bro Lambert K Tambwe We have recently received: nine copies of Bible Basics in French, two copies of Introducing Bible Basics, one copy of Bible Basics in English, a book on James and other copies, some Bible educative papers, tracts and pamphlets. Reading these allows us to acknowledge the exact truth which the Holy Bible teaches, while also showing us vividly how to conquer sin ­ the great enemy. Hence we have the hope of inheriting

everlasting life on earth when our Saviour returns.

--Bro Mukandama-Simalenge Jerome


Every year that passes brings us closer to the return of our Master. How wonderful! Thank you for the books you sent. Six copies of the Holy Bible are very helpful but I am afraid we still need seven more copies for everyone to have their own copy. We acknowledge with thanks the receipt of the Gospel News and other material.

--Bro Raphael Mkeya

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The Bible is the only book which shows us the Word of God, 2 Tim.3:16-17. "All Scripture is God breathed and useful for righteousness." These words give me strength to preach his Word to his people, so that through the message many people may be saved at the last day of judgement. In our ecclesia we are ten brothers and sisters, six contacts and 30 Sunday School children.

--Bro. Robert Wanyama

Busia Ecclesia and Sunday School.


I have received the CD you sent with great thanks. May God bless you and continue to bless us with more CDs.

--Bro. Odur Paskweli


Thank you very much for sending me and others the Gospel News and DVDs, we are so grateful. Thank you, too, and others for the great work CAT does of preaching God's Word worldwide.

--Sis. Annet Namagga


Thank you for your letter, Gospel News and DVD-CD which are very encouraging and useful. I don't have a gadget on which to play it so I use my friend's and this makes very good discussion! Please send or us more of this kind of thing.

--Bro. Godfrey Egessa

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I have a problem concerning the breaking of bread, as I am still in isolation. I have tried so hard to broaden the spectrum of my preaching in the area, and have received overwhelming response. The problem is that we don't have a Christadelphian supply of doctrinal material nearby, and the only source that could be found is in Kitwe, some 26 Kilometres away from where I stay.

However, we are not far from the Lord's return, and, God willing, we shall soon be together in the coming kingdom.

--Bro. Willies Simbowe


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always praying for us, and the spiritual food I ­ and our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus in Kabompo district here in Zambia ­ have been receiving from the Lord through the Christadelphian Advancement Trust.

We are praying for you that you continue supporting us, wherever we may be, as you always have been doing, that we may proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to all parts of areas where we stay, that the Lord may add many to

His household through our preaching, using the spiritual help we receive from you.

Though I am no longer the secretary for Kabompo Ecclesia, my preaching errands are going on well with the purpose of bringing many to the Lord, and be added to His household (existing ecclesia in Kabompo,) for I have realized that I have a calling from the Lord and a ministry in His service.

Many times I feel I should register the ministry so that my preaching errands could be legalized according to the laws of Zambia. What is your advice on this matter? When registered it would be `CHRISTADELPHIAN OUTREACH MINISTRY,' and its address given as P.O. Box 140062, KABOMPO, ZAMBIA.

My son Timothy graduated from Solwezi College of Education and is now a teacher, posted at Chikonkwelo Primary School, P.O. Box 140097, Kabompo, Zambia. He is a baptized brother and co-servant in the Lord and has the same mind as me in the Lord to spearhead the ministry once formed.

We are therefore asking you to send us again at least ten Bibles, and the higher quality DVD on `The Real Devil', more Bible Basics and also two copies of the `Real Christ,' plus two of the `Real Devil' books by post, as we still cannot afford a computer to put ourselves on the internet, which is our desire, to enhance the preaching work of the Gospel.

Our home plot No.198, Zangi Section, Kabompo town, will be the operational office of the ministry, God willing. I will retire from secular employment on May 1, 2014 and dedicate the rest of my life to preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, God willing.

We are thanking you in genuine anticipation.

--Bro. Reuben Musole Kaambeu

I am writing to inform you that I have been employed as a teacher, and would like to use the teaching skills in spreading the Word of God. My father and I would like to register the Christadelphian Outreach Ministry in Zambia so that the Word of truth and hope for the whole world is spread to many. We therefore would like your advice on this matter.

Please remain as you have been doing in assisting us with some books which support and help with the Christadelphian faith.

--Bro. Timothy Kaambeu


"God will wipe away every tear from their eyes and death will be no more; neither will there be mourning, nor outcry nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away."

(Rev 21:4), Life Without Suffering is a Trustworthy Promise

--Bro. Lotson Kayuni


Could you please send me Bible Basics in English and French which I will appreciate. Yes, brother, I don't have equipment for playing the CD on the Devil which you sent me, but I have a friend who played it for me: it is a very interesting CD - even my friend commented on it. Please also send me a DVD on the `Real Devil', discs in the 11 languages if possible ­ and books by Bro. Duncan. Brother, I am sorry this will be a burden for you, with the considerable postal increase. True, the work can only be achieved through the Lord's blessing and the generosity of the supporters. I do appreciate you sending me literature, and am always mentioning you in my prayers.

I am happy now to inform you that we have started meeting at Bro Sidney's home to break bread together to remember the death and resurrection of our redeemer.

When the Lord Jesus knew that he was living the last days of his life on earth, he took great pains to teach the disciples one thing. He used one little phrase over and again ­ it was `Abide in me' (John 15:4-7). He wanted his disciples to know that their place of safety was abiding or remaining in him. There, and there alone, was where they would be safe and protected. To abide simply means to remain, stay, continue, dwell: you don't have to

fight in order to abide, or to get under cover. All you have to do is to stay where God has put you. Where has God put you? In Christ - Stay there.

The armour of God (Eph.6:10-18). Rom. 13:12-14: `The night is nearly over: the day is almost here, so let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armour of light. Let us behave decently, as in the day time, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jealousy. But rather clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.'

--Bro. Greenwell Kunda


The picture below shows left Bro. Costa Kanembe then Bro. Ackim Sikabuli, discussing the prophetic dreams of the Bible

Sis Mary Kanembe with her Sunday School. She wishes to thank us for uplifting her spiritualy with literature. She needs more material for her 18 Sunday School children.


Thank you my Brother for sending me the DVD of `The Real Devil.' Yes, I would also like the high quality version. I also need two Bible Basics in English for the new students. I also kindly request a copy of the newly published Bible, and would request one for myself, as when they were sent to our Ecclesia I was away.

When we are still on earth we need to encourage one another. No man is stronger than another, because so many men of God in the past failed. Peter the disciple thought he was strong, but in spite of that he denied his Lord. To overcome our failings, we need to pray every day to God to renew our strength. Our days are very short ­ we need to be communicating with our Father all the time.

Brethren and Sisters, let us not stop spreading the seed of God's Truth. The teachings of our King, Jesus Christ, are that we are to be of service to one another and to the wider world as we work and wait for the Lord's return.

--Bro. Charles M. Daka


`I exhort that supplications, prayers... and giving of thanks be made for all men ...for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.' (1Tim 2:1-4)

God's desire is for all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. The reason for bringing salvation to all men is not only for them to receive it and escape death, but also to come into an intimate knowledge of fellowship or one-ness with the truth: that is when you really start living. For example, 1 Peter 1:23 says, `being born again not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.' This means you are born of the word; you are the word in flesh, your life as a Christian is the manifestation of the word. God wants you to come to the knowledge of the truth. Romans 8:28 says, `And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.'

--Bro. Maxwell Choongo


Thank you very much for the DVD ­ it gives a very clear picture of its lesson, is so powerful, and I like it.

--Bro. Herbert Tigerepasi

Bro. Herbert and Sister June Tigerepasi

It's my pleasure to send you this letter in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and I am humbled to communicate with you now, hoping that this letter will find you in good health and your family at large: also pass my greetings to the Ecclesia there.

I am asking if you could send me books entitled `Letter to the Ephesians,' and `Letter to the Hebrews.' These books will enrich my study in the Word of God so that my spiritual life may be strong despite the opposition I face. I am overcoming this and no-one will move me or disturb me from the things pertaining to the Kingdom to come. (My email address is

I want to thank you for all you are doing for me in order to continue with this belief which has made me different from my fellow youths in the neighbourhood. You see nowadays, here in Zambia few young men who could stand to lead a decent life because of peer pressure and other vices, such as beer drinking, smoking and an immoral lifestyle, which have destroyed my society. So I thank you for the confidence you give me by sending the literature you do, as they have helped me tremendously in my spiritual life.

--Bro. Stephen Siamabi

COMMENT: Maybe someone can send you the books you desire. There is a good exposition of both these books on the disc sent to you last month. Turn to New Testament Commentary Vol.2 and scroll down to the books you request. --MH

Bro. Stephen Siamabi inside the Ecclesial hall.


One thing is certain, all mankind is searching for peace and security. We Christians are on the right track, but non-believers seek to find this in ever more exotic gadgetry without finding it. For us, regardless of where we live in the world, it is more important than ever not to take our eyes off our Lord, not to be nervous about our situations, but patiently wait for our Lord's return. "All the nations may walk in the name of their gods, but we will walk in the name of our God for ever and ever." (Micah 4:5)

We as a community keep saying, `Come, Lord Jesus.' It won't be long before our Lord Jesus returns. I was baptized in 2006 when I was 23. `It won't be long now' is on every Christadelphian's lips ­ how long is `long'? Well, it will be soon!

Though we should focus on the land of Israel, in the city of Jerusalem we can see that Jews are not allowed to pray on the Temple Mount, the holiest place: this is quite astonishing and one wonders, why not? We don't know all the details going on in politics. What is keeping them back? It simply means to us that Israel's time is not yet ready, but very soon Jesus will return to establish God's Kingdom and put things in order.

The words I have said above have substance, they are not just words and hope, they are words from above, I believe. Let us continue to live by faith in the Son of God until he returns, and may He bless each one of us wherever in the world we may be, who long for His appearing ­ for we are all God's people.

There has been much going on concerning the signs of the times, recently we have seen the dramatic news of the resignation of Pope,Benedict xvi telling the world that he is stepping down as head of the Catholic Church. Just after his announcement, lightening struck the vatican, perhaps it is was a Divine warning of problems to come.

We all wait for the time of Zion's glorious day when the resurrection of the sleeping saints will take place with the returning of the Messiah to establish God's kingdom.

--Bro Gideon Hankomone,


You may wish to know that I was your Bible student from 1987-1990, August 18th when Bro. Graham Mitchell baptized me. During this period all the magazines sent to me have been passed on to other fellow Bible students.

--Bro. Dennis C. Kombe


I have received Gospel News and the DVD and I am anxious to take it to someone who will play it for me. My main reason for writing this letter is to request one New European Version Bible, (as we have only one Bible between us); the book entitled `Wrested Scripture,' and the book `Principles of Marriage.'

--Bro. Cephas Kalungah

Bro. Cephas Kalungah

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I want to express my appreciation for Gospel News. I read the magazine with interest, and it is more than interest which keeps me glued to the pages. I hope it helps others who find themselves in a similar situation.This is one of my favourite quotations from Psalm 121:

I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He will not let your foot be moved; he who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, he who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and for evermore!

--Bro. David and Sis. Eneres Yelulani


Just to say thank you for the wonderful work the CAT team are doing. It is a very good and interesting work that the Word is being preached worldwide and all have access to it. Matt.28:19, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."

Our ecclesia is in need of English and Shona Bible Basics and also the Bibles with commentary because we did not receive any. Let us all work for God and our reward is with Him.

--Bro. Farai Phiri

Chegutu Ecclesia, Bro Farai Phiri kneeling


Bro. Suuvire Faustino


Clean in and out means that most of us are clean outside the body and wearing clean clothes, but inside the heart, the lips, can talk mischief. Sure, most people go to church but when you look at them they are like fig fruit which looks good outside but inside there are ants. So if you follow God's Law be sure to be in God's Way and to preach and share God's News not in the second way, sharing the world's news.

I an sorry for my wife, Sister Joice, as she has been bitten by a Puff adder so she does not go to Church because the Church is so far from us and we have to walk 7 km. to Shumba where we meet others on Sunday and she cannot walk far before her legs become painful.

--Bro. Joseph Ndoro Mazasi

Puff adder bites are dangerous

and immediately we had this letter the Welfare Sections took prompt action.


Romans 15:1-3 says, "We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves. Let each of us please his neighbour for his good to build him up. For Christ did not please himself."

Galatians 6:9-10 says, "Let us not be weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not give up. As we have opportunity let us do good to everyone and especially to those who are of the household of faith."

--Bro. David Ngwenya


I was saddened and shocked to hear of the falling asleep of my dear tutor, Bro. George Fitch. He was my tutor from the 1980's till his untimely death and was sending us the Bible Message Calendar every year. The calendars had their special position and place and this year the calendar position is empty. Together with my children and the entire family we will remember with affection the late Bro. George's wide knowledge of the Truth. May our Father grant him a joyful awakening to life and peace evermore.

--Bre. Sylvester, Patrick, Ignatious and Walter Chakaipa


The Ecclesia has 18 baptized members and five under baptismal instruction and 45 Sunday School children. One problem is they do not have a suitable place to meet and are making fifteen thousand mud bricks and, should Jesus tarry and things go well, hope to build their own hall this year.

Obviously being refugees means they are deprived of many of the facilities that we tend to enjoy. They greatly appreciate the food parcels Bro. David Smith, CBM Linkman has been able to arrange. The photo shows some of the bags of food. Sister

David Smith visited the camp and is standing with Bro. Patrick Simbo, the Ecclesial Secretary. The other picture is of a Bible Class. In refugee camps people come from many countries and ethnic backgrounds. They are in need of 20 Swahili Bibles, 5 French Bibles, 5 English Bibles, 3 Kirundi Bibles from Burindi, 25 Misingi ya Bibles. also English and French Bible Basics to meet present needs. One of the blessings of refugee camps is that many have the time and inclination to investigate the Truth, so even more literature is desirable.

COMMENT: The Trust has just sent the French and English Bibles requested, plus some English and French Bible Basics.


I received the disc you sent me, "The Real Devil". It is very interesting and it explains who the devil really is. I am glad to tell you that I have played it through several times to my friends, who also enjoyed it. Please send me more discs if possible and also Bible Basics so that I can teach my friends the Truth.

--Bro. Servious Makondo

I enjoyed the disc on the Real Devil a lot and would like more discs for preaching and about Jesus crucified on the cross.

--Bro. Clyford Dzidzo Chingwara

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