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Jesus heals the people and lots of people come Jesus loves the people, and heals them one by one. Jairus sees healed people but his young girl is sick, so Jairus says to Jesus, "Please come, Jesus, quick! I need your help! Your healing power! My little girl is sick!" So Jesus goes to heal the girl, but on the way, she dies. Her Mummy's sad and Daddy's sad - her Daddy, Jairus, cries. But Jesus says "Now please, don't cry, let's go to where she lies" He knows God's spirit, God's power, can open up her eyes. Jesus takes her by the hand, says, "Little girl, arise!" God's power goes out and heals the girl, she opens up her eyes. Look, now the girl can even stand, She's well, What a surprise! Her Daddy's glad and says "Hooray! Jesus healed my girl today!" God can help you every day, just be like Jairus, believe, then pray.

Sis Cindy Heaster

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