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We're pleased to tell you of the baptism of DMITRY, a direct result of coming into contact with us through getting an NEV Bible with commentary. Our brother is very determined and has been persistent in his search for Bible Truth. He came out of drug addiction some time ago through deciding to devote himself to God, but was disappointed in how unBiblical many popular churches are. The final stage of the 12 step program is to be committed to helping others break their addiction, and Dmitry has done this, being a mentor for others still struggling to overcome. One of the men he worked with travelled in from another city to witness the baptism, and our brother is keen to distribute our Bibles with commentary to many of his contacts. We produced a brief video in Russian of him appealing to people to realize there is an alternative to addictions, through taking total responsibility rather than blaming things on Satan, and through devotion to the Bible and its message of a human, perfect Jesus and His Kingdom.


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