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It is not enough for us to train our minds to be intellectuals, but this is the in-thing these days.

Most people are busy pursuing academic achievements and prowess, but lack the zeal and time for God's works. We toil and suffer in order to raise fees to send our children to school, with a hope to attain a better physical life. But what we need is not educational prowess, but rather spiritual stamina to conquer all evil schemes thrown at our feet.

The Bible implies that when the natural harvest is plentiful idolatry abounds, increasing in fervency and significance. This is rebellion towards God.

We should first `seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.' (Matt.6:33) Greater attention must therefore be given to educating our spiritual life. The words of Prov.4:23: `Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.' There are things we give too much attention to in our lives, but avoid giving such prominence to God.

Let us open our Bibles and read carefully and meditatively the words of Matt.6:25-34.

Bro. Itai Tembo (Chegutu, Zimbabwe.)

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