November - December 2004


My March/April editorial ‘The Road Ahead’ aroused much interest and constructive comments which we hope to expand upon in future issues of Gospel News

Whilst membership numbers are not necessarily an indication of spiritual growth, they are substantial enough to indicate trends. In the first five years of the 20th century [1900-1904], there was a net increase of about 1,355 in the number of Christadelphians in the United Kingdom. That is, when you compare the number of baptisms against the number of deaths and withdrawals from fellowship, there was a growth of 1,355. A century later, what do we find happening amongst Christadelphians in the U.K. in the last five years?   There is a stark contrast. There has been a substantial decrease every year; in both 2000 and 2003 there was a decrease of 156 both years. Comparing numbers of new members against numbers of deaths and withdrawals, our community reduced by about 780 members in the last five-year period.   Such a substantial reduction, in an ageing community, with fewer young people being baptised and retained in fellowship, demands serious consideration. It is failing in our duty to ignore these facts by shutting our eyes to them.

The commonly held view is that this is a ‘sign of the times’, with people just not being interested. I submit that this is unfounded and contrary to the facts. Overall there are more baptisms world-wide today than ever before; internationally we are an expanding community.....more...


EDITORIAL: More on the Road Ahead Marcus Heaster


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