Signs of the Times


The changing world climate is showing signs of a major catastrophe in the making. Prolonged droughts in some of the world’s larger grain-producing nations are resulting in devastating wild-fires, ruined crops and in many cases the reluctance to attempt a planting of any crop at all. These disasters have, in some cases, resulted in the migration of farmers to the nearest cities in search of sustenance, leaving their land to the elements and wild animals. Severe winters have killed many live-stock.

In Denmark a whole herd of 31 cows were killed in a single lightning strike. Storms and Floods have swept away people, homes, cattle, trees and soil in numerous countries from England and Wales to China, India, Bangladesh, across the once peaceful Pacific Islands to Canada, California, Florida and the Caribbean Islands.

In Sub-Saharan Africa an immense invasion of locusts is threatening to leave millions of hectares bare from coast to coast. This region has received rain, but it came in a series of downfalls, allowing locusts to breed up during each dry spell, but the rain returned before any measures could be applied to destroy the young locusts. Consequently there are at least three generations of locusts on the march. The UN has been too tardy in realising the danger and so missed the opportune time to prevent what has been described as "a plague of Biblical proportions!" A very good description considering the prophecies of the Last Days!

The shortage of food has been demonstrated by the reluctance of the Donor Nations to supply the many urgent appeals for food from regions like Darfur where the famine is due mainly to the inhumanity of their fellow-citizens. Their resources are being stretched by appeals from those countries suffering from natural disasters, such as earthquake, tornados, fire and drought; and evidence is overwhelming that there is an increasing number of those!


Chinese scientists have announced that they have discovered a virulent strain of 'bird flu' in - yes - PIGS! This has put the World Health Organisation (WHO) into a flat spin as pigs can also contract human diseases and are recognised as a possible catalyst for the transfer of animal diseases to humans. The risk of a pandemic resulting from a new strain of influenza infecting the globe via this route is quite possible and has the WHO very worried.

Add to this the pandemic of AIDS which has infected millions (the number of present sufferers remains at a constant 40 million -as thousands die, more thousands become infected) those millions who die of famine, malaria and tuberculosis, etc., and we can see the truth of Jesus’ prediction of the state the world prior to His Return. However, we have His reassurance that these signs are also the "Vials of Wrath" which signal his imminent return:

Extracts from Bro Arthur Wright's September "Signs of the Times"

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